John copes with the loss of his girlfriend while those close to him point fingers at his suspicious cyborg.
Sound Advice
Jessie sits pondering in an easy chair with Riley’s corpse on the floor beside her.  A flashback occupies her mind.  In it, Derek is explaining to Jessie that he is going on a mission.  He warns her to always aim for the chip (when executing Terminators), kisses her and tells her he’ll see her later.  The flashback ends. After a moment, Jessie stands and zips up the plastic body bag covering John Connor’s late girlfriend.  Sarah is packing things into boxes when John walks in.  It’s pretty clear what’s going on--they’re moving again--so John offers to take care of the garage.  He finds Cameron there, mulling over robot parts.  Afraid of what his mother might do if she finds them, John tells Cameron to bury them so they can be incinerated later.
Bad News
Jessie punches a Navy pilot in a bar for insultin submarine operators, and the guy’s pals stand up to get his back.  Sarah learns through a friend that a blonde girl’s body was discovered floating in the river.  The only information police have on the girl is that she has slash marks on her wrists from a recent suicide attempt, and a small star-shaped tattoo on her arm.  Sarah walks in as John and Cameron hide the robot parts, and asks Cameron to give them a moment alone.  Cameron leaves to speak to a bird much like the one she’d killed the week before, as Sarah tells her son that his girlfriend is dead.  John approaches Cameron and asks if she did it.
“What if I Did?”
“Don’t play games with me.”
Cameron promises John that it wasn’t her, and he responds that he wishes he could believe her.  She begs him to believe, but John reminds her that she lies sometimes.  Cameron doesn’t disagree.  She says that she is sorry for his loss.  John wishes he can believe that, too.
Jessie thanks Derek for bailing her out of jail, and Derek asks her what’s going on with her, while patching up the cuts on her hands.  Jessie doesn’t have much to say to her man, and indeed drifts into another flashback as she sits beside him.  She’s with her crew somewhere in the ocean when explosions shake their submarine: depth charges.  She urges her men to head to the captains quarters, as the ground shakes beneath them.
Hide And Seek

Weaver sits at her desk when Savannah, her daughter, interrupts her from work and begs to play hide and seek.  Weaver tells Savannah to be patient, and the disappointed girl saunters off.  A door opens mysteriously and the girl steps through.  An elevator door opens on the other side and Savannah travels through a series of other doors which seem to open, inviting her.  The doors lead to a basement room housing John Henry who is willing to play hide and seek with Savannah…  Ellison is interrupted from his lunch by Weaver who is looking for her daughter.  The two find John Henry who admits that he knows where Savannah is hiding, but will only help them on his own terms.  John Henry wants to play a game too: if Weaver or Ellison can guess what he is thinking, he will give them a clue as to where Savannah is.  Ellison refuses to play the game, but Weaver points out the obvious: they have no choice but to play.
Crush Depth

Derek is still patching Jessie’s hand when his phone rings and he visibly receives bad news.  Jessie looks off, as if she knows what’s coming.  Derek relays the news of Riley’s death and instantly presumes that the cyborg did it.  Jessie comes to the immediate conclusion that John has to kill Cameron.  Derek looks at her suspiciously and says, “You’ve thought this through?” as if it had been on her mind well before he’d gotten Sarah’s phone call.  Jessie’s flashback returns.  Video monitors blip and her men are silent.  They’ve determined that there is a kraken in the water, and they must get their torpedoes ready, though they only have a limited supply.  Jessie advises that the break contact and find a way around their enemies.  The attack comes to suddenly and the crew are forced to launch an offensive strike and proceed to the brink of what the captain calls “crush depth”.  A stressful moment ensues: the captain brings them to the line which borders the threshold of “crush depth” with such precision that his accuracy begs suspicion.  Could he be made of metal?  Jesse asks the captain why they are 300 miles off course.
Pointing Fingers
Sarah finds the robot parts and John tries to make excuses for his robot.  Sarah tells him to stop covering for her, he knows what she did.  Sarah is confident that Cameron killed Riley, but John is confident that she did not.  Sarah tries to make her son doubt his own judgment, but he yells at her: “You don’t know anything!” and storms off.
Child’s Play
John Henry is at his game: Ellison and Weaver are guessing.  Ellison’s patience is short, and he asks why Weaver isn’t angry about all this. She appeases him and the two earn a few clues from John Henry.  They come to find that Savannah is hiding in a helicopter on the roof.
Phony Calls

John knocks on the door of Riley’s foster parents and the father answers.  The father talks to John about the infidelity of foster kids, as if John hadn’t been one himself, years before.  John asks Riley’s foster dad to take a message for Riley, but before he can say any more the phone rings.  Foster dad answers and is speaking to Riley!  It turns out that the voice on the other end of the phone really belongs to Cameron, who is merely using Riley’s speech pattern.  John tells the girl on the phone that she is freaking everybody out by disappearing, and that the two of them need to talk.  “Riley” agrees to meet him and tells John that she loves him.  The phone call turns out to be a pretense, staged by John and Cameron to assure Riley’s foster parents that she is ok, to prevent them from contacting police.  John approaches Cameron and asks her why she said “I love you,” to which Cameron replies that she wanted his reaction to be authentic.  Angry, John says he is going somewhere alone.
Bad Boy

Ellison scolds John Henry for having played his game earlier.  He tells the robot that Savannah could have gotten hurt, and by not immediately disclosing information as to her whereabouts, John Henry would have been the one to blame if that had happened.
John Connor Sent Me

Derek and Jessie talk about John and his unfortunate circumstance.  Jessie assures Derek that some good can come of this situation if John comes to realize that metal is evil.  Derek disagrees, certain in his judgment that no good can come of Riley’s death, or the death of any innocent.  Jessie tells Derek that he is a good man, and the two kiss.  Her flashback comes around again, and Jessie is asking the captain why they are off course.  The captain, it seems, has a different agenda.  He tells Jessie that John Connor had sent instructions ordering them to pick up a package for him.  The submarine docks with another boat, and three soldiers leave to get the package.  With their guns drawn, they weave through hallways and down a flight of stairs.  The lead man steps through a doorway, turns around and urges the other two back.  He puts down his weapon, raises his hands and steps back through the doorway.  On the other side three robots have their weapons trained on him.  Between them sits a box.
“John Connor sent me.  I’ve come for that.” The soldier claims, gesturing toward the box.
John’s Problem

Sarah and Cameron are burning the robot parts together.  Sarah confesses that she’d planned to kill Cameron, because she is unsure what to do with her.  She is still certain that Cameron killed Riley, and she is even angrier about the robot parts.  Sarah tells Cameron that she is a threat to John, but Cameron rebuts with “We’re all a threat to John.  He worries about us.  He cares.  John is John’s problem.  The only way for him to be safe, is for him to be alone.”
Sarah ask s: “What kind of life is that?” to which Cameron solemnly replies, “John’s life… Someday.”
Jane Doe
John pulls out a metal drawer in the hospital’s mortuary marked “Jane Doe”.  Riley lays on the gurney, dead.  John inspects her body and finds blood and skin under her fingernails, clear indication that Riley struggled with someone in her last few minutes of life… something that had bled.
“I’m sorry,” he sobs over his dead girlfriend.

The plot has certainly thickened with this week’s installment.  I think that the final dialogue between Sarah and Cameron sums up John’s situation very well; and the recent death of his girlfriend is a clear indication that the life of John Connor is indeed a lonely one.  This week we saw him trust his own judgment by believing in his robot, whereas everyone else doubts her.  Hi conviction alienates him; his mother tries to make him doubt Cameron, Derek is certain that the robot is to blame, and Jessie’s master plan is to have John ultimately turn on his cybernetic protector.  Though the audience is aware that Derek’s aussie girlfriend is the true perpetrator, John is the only one whose suspicions are accurate.
Riley’s death has weakened the bonds which hold him close to Sarah and Cameron.  For the first time he begins to doubt his mother’s judgment screaming: “You don’t know anything.”  As for his robot: his gut tells him Cameron didn’t do it, even though all logical signs point to the probability that it was her.  I think Cameron realizes her peril, and this gave her cause to tell John she loves him when the moment was convenient enough to coincide with their plans.

Recap by Jonathan Friedler