Sarah and her gang rescue Savannah from certain doom, but her salvation comes at a high price.  John Henry tries to learn more about his brother, and Sarah makes negotiations with Ellison to meet with Weaver.
Everybody Dies For Me
Sarah stands above a series of headstones dated 1984 with tears in her eyes.  Derek approaches.
“I don’t know which one is his,” she says over her shoulder.
“It doesn’t matter.  Grass, trees… could be worse,” he offers.  They’re talking about Kyle.  Derek confronts Sarah about not showing up to meet in the desert.  John had called to tell Derek and Cameron that they were actually staying at Charlie’s place.  Derek wants to know why Sarah lied about meeting up with them.  Sarah responds by twisting the thorn in Derek’s side and explaining that he keeps too many secrets for her taste.  She’s obviously referring to Jessie, and how by keeping her a secret, Derek endangered them all.
John walks up and Derek says “I’m sorry about Charlie.”
“Well, everybody dies for me, right?”
The subject is quickly changed when John pulls out a blackberry device with a picture of a girl’s face on the screen.  It’s Savannah.  John explains that he saw this girl at Dr. Shuman’s office and is certain that the picture means something.  They all head out to find the girl.
Brotherly Love
Savannah is in her computer class chatting with John Henry.  When the teacher learns that Savannah is being contacted by an adult male via web-chat, her mother is called in.  Weaver scolds Savannah, who claims she was only teaching John Henry the words to a song.  Savannah is distraught because her teacher said bad things about John Henry.  She says that he might hurt her.  Weaver assures Savannah that John Henry would never hurt her.  She also tells Savannah that she shouldn’t talk about John Henry because people wouldn’t understand the man.
John Henry asks Ellison if he has a brother.  Ellison does.  He then asks if Ellison and his brother look alike.  He is trying to figure out if he and his own brother would look alike.  John Henry wonders how similar his data is to that of his brother’s and if they share the same thoughts.
“I would imagine that you are unique,” Ellison offers.
John Henry agrees, but believes that he and his brother probably reach similar conclusions.  His preoccupation with thoughts of his brother stems from a need to know what his brother is doing.  John Henry never wants to die again.
Tense Moments
Savannah is doing her math homework in the living room while the babysitter does cardio in another room.  She answers the phone when it rings and is happily surprised to find that the voice on the other end belongs to John Henry.  She remembers her promise to not talk with him, but then realizes she needs some help on her math homework.  John Henry establishes a visual transmission with Savannah in Weaver’s house: she speaks to him over the phone, and he can watch/ talk with her while she sits at the table.
Outside the house a car stops in the drive and a delivery man steps out, making his way toward s the door.  John Henry seems to know something about this visitor, and tells Savannah: “do as I say and you won’t be harmed.”
The doorbell rings and the sitter answers.  The delivery man pulls a gun, shoots her in the head and steps into the house.
A security system goes off and cops are deployed to check on the residence.  In the meantime, Savannah and the assailant are the only two people home.  John Henry directs Savannah away from the man seeking her, urging her to head downstairs into the garage.  For a moment it appears she is going to be safe.  After searching for several moments the man- who is really a machine- decides to check the garage.  Savannah hears approaching footsteps and turns a corner to try and make a run for it, but takes no more than a few steps before running into someone.  It’s John Connor!
John grabs the girl and narrowly dodges some terminator bullets.  Sarah comes in from behind and plugs the guy a few times to no avail.  Her shots are responded to in kind, but Cameron pushes Sarah out of the way and the bullets plunge harmlessly into metal.  Cameron moves in, and the two machines start to duke it out.  Sarah, John, the girl watch for a moment before turning to run.
Derek has taken an alternate route, cautiously searching each room in turn.  When he hears the sound of two robots beating the piss out of each other, he makes haste towards the noise.  Cameron gets tossed aside and the terminator turns to pursue Savannah.  Bursting through the door he finds Derek on the other side.  Derek hurries to raise his gun, but the machine is quicker on the draw.  He fires once and the bullet passes directly between Derek’s eyes: the poor bastard is dead before he even knows it.&n bsp; (I know… I threw my hat at the television…)
Cameron jumps back in the game and tosses Derek’s killer down a hill.  Sarah and John find Derek’s body and take a moment to pull his dog-tags before escaping in the opposite direction.
The Rundown
Creighton of the LAPD gives Agent Ellison the rundown.  There was an attack on the residence, several people are dead, Savannah is missing, and there is no ID on the gunman.  They put Weaver on 24 hour protection and ask Ellison to make a list of Savannah’s friends.
Ellison goes to speak with John Henry who asks the agent why he stopped searching for Sarah Connor.
“She died eight years ago,” Ellison replies coolly.
“That’s not true,” John Henry claims defensively.  He accuses Ellison of lying.  Ellison becomes curious and asks John Henry if Sarah Connor was at the house when Savannah disappeared.  Ellison watches a recording of the visual transmission, of Savannah’s “kidnapping”.  He tells John Henry that the best chance to retrieve Savannah is by letting him handle it quietly.  John Henry makes Ellison promise to bring Savannah back.
Guns and Dolls

Savannah is playing with dolls, Sarah is playing wit h guns.  John chews his nails and a phone rings.  Ellison is on the other line.  The two negotiate a rendezvous downtown.  Weaver pulls up in a car and Cameron gets in.  She tells him that the plans have changed, and directs him to Sarah.
Sarah wants to know what they want with a six year old girl.  Ellison confides that he thinks they were trying to get to Weaver through Savannah.  Sarah explains that everyone is in danger; Derek is dead, Charlie is dead…  She asks Ellison that she be allowed to talk to Weaver.  Ellison asks for Savannah back, but Sarah says it’s too dangerous to let the girl’s whereabouts be known.  Ellison leaves empty handed, John Henry is displeased.
John approaches the little girl and asks if she remembers him from Dr. Shuman’s office.  She does: “Dr. Sherman died.  I liked him.  He was my friend.  That man that got hurt at my house, was he your friend?”
“Yeah, he was,” John responds sullenly.
“I’m Sorry.”
“Me too.”
“It’s my fault.”
“That is not true.”
Savannah thinks for a moment before saying: “The teacher told me- mommy too- not to talk to John Henry or bad people will hurt us.”  John Connor asks Savannah who John Henry is.  Savannah explains that John Henry is her friend who lives at the place where her mommy works.  He lives there because he has a chord plugged into the back of his head.
John Connor exploits her ignorance a bit more and learns that other people, including Mr. Ellison speak to John Henry.  In fact, Ellison teaches John Henry ‘stuff’.
Ellison explains to Weaver that Sarah Connor is alive and wants to meet with her.  Weaver explains that she would rather stay and protect John Henry.  Ellison is shocked: certain that she should be more concerned with the safety of her own daughter.  Weaver explains that John Henry’s survival is more important because someday Savannah’s survival, indeed Mr. Ellison’s survival, may depend on John Henry.  She eventually agrees to meet with Sarah Connor.
John Doe

Creighton begins questioning Ellison about the John Doe found at the Weaver residence.  They’re talking about Derek.  All they know about him is that he was an ex-con who had escaped 8 months ago, only to show up dead at the site of Savannah’s kidnapping.  Creighton doesn’t hesitate to point out that Ellison was the agent assigned to the escaped con’s case moths before.  Ellison realizes that the whole thing looks shady, but assures Creighton that he knows nothing.
Ellison calls Sarah to tell her that Weaver has consented to a meeting.  He tells her that she needs to deliver Savannah and then he’ll take her to Weaver.  Sarah agrees.
Creighton moseys around Weaver’s office asking questions which focus more on Agent Ellison than the missing girl.  His questions imply that he believes Ellison is bad.
Weaver is angry that John Henry withheld information from her regarding Savannah.
“You were lying to me for Agent Ellison,” she accuses.
“An I am lying to him for you,” he retorts.  “What would happen if he knew you weren’t Savannah’s mother?”
“Are you threatening me?”
“I could tell Mr. Ellison…” John Henry continues.
“That would be most unfortunate… Especially for Ellison.”
John Henry thinks she’s bluffing.  “Life is sacred,” he tells her.  Weaver educates John Henry on the etymology of the term ‘sacred’, which comes from the Latin word sacrum, which means “sacrifice.”  Weaver proposes that perhaps Savannah needs to be sacrificed.  John Henry looks perturbed and realizes that, earlier, Weaver had said that Savannah’s life depended on John Henry’s survival, but not the other way around.  Weaver assures John Henry that she made no mistake in saying that.
John Henry explains that Cain and Abel story to Weaver, and asks which brother he is.  Weaver says that perhaps he is neither.  Perhaps in this story he is God.
Heated Promises
John tells Cameron that it was not his idea to ditch her and Derek.  Cameron understands.  Their thoughts turn to Derek.
“You’ll miss him,” she says.
“Well, there’s no use crying about it, is there?  Future me would beat my ass if I did.”
“Future you knows what it means to lose people.  Your mother ditched us because she was going to ditch you.  She was going to leave you with Charlie.”
John assures Cameron that that is not true.  Cameron explains to John that Sarah found a lump in her chest.  She’s been losing weight.  John is surprised to hear this news, but before he can say anything Sarah enters the room and orders that they wake Savannah because the have to go.
Ellison meets them in a movie theater, retrieves the girl and leaves.  Sarah gets up to head out and meet Weaver.  She steps out the door and is momentarily sun-blinded.  When her eyes adjust she realizes that she just walked into an ambush: an army of police cars await her, men in uniform approach, guns drawn.  Sarah throws up her hands as the doors close behind her.  John Connor and Cameron catch a glimpse of red and blue lights before being cut off from their leader.
Sarah tries to run for it, but is immediately overwhelmed and beaten.  John catches Ellison on his way out another door.  Ellison claims that he had no idea, but John isn’t listening.
“I’LL KILL YOU!  I SWEAR I’LL KILL YOU!!!” he promises, before bolting the other way.
Savannah is returned to her mother who had never left her home to meet with Sarah.  John and Cameron stare at a television through the window of an electronics store, where the news is being broadcasted and Sarah is driven off in a police car.
John Henry and Savannah are reunited.  They sit at a table together, singing a song while somewhere else a small grave is being filled.  The date on the headstone is 2009.
One episode to go before the curtain falls on The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I must admit that I didn't expect the shit to hit the fan quite so quickly, but I suppose there’s n faster way to wrap a series up than by killing off its heavy hitters.  I expected Charlie’s death from last week to play a larger role in today’s episode, but with the action moving so fast the Connors were hardly able to give Charlie much thought before another one of their ranks got clipped.  Derek’s death came as a shock- not because he died- but because his death came with such lethal suddenness.  One second he’s trying to rescue Savannah, the next second he’s on the floor with a new hole in his head.  I suppose I expected his death would be a bit more drawn out, perhaps some defiant last words.  It is sad that he’ll never be able to rectify the whole Jessie situation with Sarah, and that he’ll be remembered as the Reese brother who nearly blew the whole thing.
I don’t want to guess who is next in line for a greasing, but I am sure that watching the final installment of the Connor Chronicles is going to be like drinking a warm shot of whiskey: quenching ou thirst for action while burning all the way down to the belly.

Recap by Jonathan Friedler