The four kids and Craig manage to escape from the government and become stranded in the Andes mountains,  with Craig consistently giving deadpan “you-guys-suck” variety delivery, up until the point where he leaves the group and accidentally runs into a showdown with some kind of super guinea pig.

I’m Done With This
Nobody can do straight hilarious delivery like Craig. His constant exasperation with the kids never gets old. At one point they find a cave drawing of Craig on the wall, so the kids assume he’s important. Craig, of course, doesn’t care, and the kids continue walking until finally, as they’re about to enter some ancient mysterious ruin, Craig points out to them how stupid they’re being, and decides he’s going to leave, wandering off back the way they came, with the kids in tow.

Smile for the Camera
Continuing with the “Cloverfield” parody we really didn’t get a true taste of in the last episode, they start speaking of “guinea-spiders” and “guinea-bees,” which turn out to be actual guinea pigs, dressed up in cute little outfits. We follow the Marsh family sans Stan, with Randy ever-holding the video camera as they bounce from their home, to the supermarket, to a storeroom, to Outback steakhouse, until they witness a “Guinea-saurus Rex” tear apart downtow South Park. There also might be a bit of a “The Mist” parody hidden in the supermarket scene.

The Chosen One
While all this is happening, the Head of Homeland Security, having rid all the world of Peruvian flute bands, is able to travel to where he can unleash his full power, in Macchu Picchu, right where Craig leads the boys as he’s trying to get out of the situation. Completely accidentally, Craig kills the Head of Homeland Security turned Guinea Pirate, and saves the world, and a few months later, the episode ends with an escaped Guinea Pig from prison. 

Nobody can do parody like South Park can, and now that they’ve done “Cloverfield,” there’s no point in ever trying it again. It basically rips apart all the classic shaky-camera tricks and exposes the filmmakers for the sometimes lazy asses they are, while changing the weird monster from “Cloverfield” into the harmless yet infinitely terrifying furball guinea pigs. “They’re so furry!!” The episode is also not so much about the boys as it is about the show’s creators using Craig as a voice to criticize the very critiques that South Park sometimes receives from its detractors.  It’s what South Park can do best – mix smart parody with ludicrous imagery like giant guinea pigs. You should probably see it for the little furballs alone. They’re just so c-u-u-te!