Th South Park boys come face to face with the school's obsession with the High School Musical craze.



The South Park boys are enjoying a usual day at the lunch table, when the whole room suddenly erupts into a song a dance number about how "everyone is special!"  Apparently the boys missed out on the biggest craze to hit their age group, the "High School Musical" series.  After watching a video from the series, and hating it, they all promise to neve break into song at school, though Stan feels pressure from the talented new kid Briden Queermo, who he thinks is stealing his girlfriend Wendy away from him.  After finding out that Briden actually hates theater, and wants to be on the basketball team, Stan tells him do what he wants.  But Briden's father, a slap-happy closet homosexual theater freak (with great posture), wants his kid to stay in theater.  Stan tells Briden to stand up for himself, but Mr. Queermo slaps everyone who disagrees with him, including his wife, the basketball coach, and a couple of child protective services workers.  Finally Briden punches his dad in the face, and he is free to join the basketball team.  Stan and the boys, after realizing that Butters is now cooler than them, put on a song and dance number in front of their classmates called "Do What You Want To Do, As Long As What You Want To Do Is What Everyone Wants You To Do."  But everyone leaves them to watch Briden play basketball, proving that they just like Briden for who he is.


South Park is a two-headed beast. Some episodes are intelligent satirical commentary on the the world, others are dumb-headed and full of cheap laughs. The 'Elementary School Musical' episode falls moreso into the latter category.  The show parodies the High School Musical movies, and does so with some hilarious song sequences and memorable new characters. A round of applause for Mr. Queermo, the over bearing father who slaps anyone that gets in his way, while singing! Also, Cartman is back after a hiatus from the last episode, and making fun of a diabetic kid with a lisp.  It's this sort of humor that we have come to expect from the creators of the show, and even if its stupid, its still going to make you laugh out loud.