Obama wins the election and is revealed to have been co-conspiring with McCain to win it for ten years to make the ultimate heist: the Hope Diamond.  Also, South Park resident has secrets nobody would suspect.

In a drunken ecstatic mob most of the South Park residents find themselves soon after Obama is declared the next President of the United States of America.  Randy especially makes a fool of himself, not surprisingly, marching about broadly declaring his offensive opinions because “things are different now!”   Meanwhile, the McCain supporters are in shock and terrified for their lives, so they try to set up a plan to survive what they are sure will be a catastrophic term.

We like Ike
However, Ike is sad, because he was a McCain supporter and is presently devastated by the Obama win; he even attempts suicide at one point by jumping from a five foot height (apparently this is a world in which the game “kick the baby” doesn’t exist). Once they realize Kyle’s brother is in danger, he and Stan haul Ike onto their red wagon to whisk him off to the hospital, trying to deal with the McCain supporters along the way, who are freaking out and trying to crowd into a bunker built by Mr. Mackey (Game Over, man, mmkay?), Mr. Garrison, and Principal Victoria among others.  Once they realize that these McCain supporters will be of no help, they move on. 

Meanwhile, back in Washington…
…two presidential candidates, one the landslide winner, the other the defeated maverick, face off in a motel room, then exchange high fives and greet each other like old friends.  Apparently McCain and Obama, for the last ten years, have been planning a heist together to steal the hope diamond, by way of electing one of them president.  In “Ocean’s Eleven” style their diabolical plot is further uncovered and we see Sarah Palin is really an undercover British agent who just puts on the dorky accent and folksy style, and Michelle Obama is merely a random sassy black woman who is posing as Obama’s wife. A few anonymous others dot the scene, and they end up pulling off the caper in kick-ass way, with of course a few traditional heist hitches, executed in classic South Park style.

“I love happy endings”
 They fake their deaths by placing dummies in a plane rigged to blow, and as they cash their winnings and head off to island destination unknown, Obama decides to stay with Michelle and start a real family as the first family  And little Ike is revealed to be the mastermind behind the whole thing, as he explodes the plane through remote detonation and declares them deceased on a computer he hacks.  “Boom, Baby.”

It’s about time that South Park came out with their presidential election episode.  Their two previous ones, “Douche and Turd,” and “Trapper Keeper” were both pretty creative and didn’t really directly reference the election.  Here it’s a full blown parody, and though the “Ocean’s Eleven” dynamic seems a little tired and late (how long ago were those movies popular?), the script tends to be witty enough to be amusing, and the Sarah Palin as a secret sexy sassy British agent is priceless.  And like always, the writers don’t let either side get away with anything – making fun of the overtly enthusiastic Obama supporters who mindlessly think he’s going to solve all our problems, to McCain supporters who are now deadly fearful of a world with Obama as the next president.  Though we all have our concerns, Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem to be telling Americans, in their usual level-headed style, “Hey, don’t be a dumbass.   Obama’s not gonna cure everything.  But you don’t have to hide out in a bunker if you’re afraid of Obama.  Now that Obama is going to be president, he needs our support. “ It’s to the show’s credit that they don’t go into excessive stoning of the already beaten down candidates – the election is over, it’s time to move on and focus on more important things – though of course they do have their fun with Sarah Palin, putting a sexy twist that’s both creative and a almost too realistically funny to contemplate for too long.  (I could tell you if I’m kidding, but then I’d have to kill you.) Oh, and Cartman’s only in this episode for five seconds, rolling by on a three-wheeler and asking the kids if they want to buy a TV from his trailing bin of television sets.  Why?  I don’t know, but that’s just one more reason South Park is awesome.