Recap: Season 2, Episode 1 The boys from SAMCRO explore the possible downside to getting a BJ from two mexican hookers who accidentally get cooked by an exploding gun warehouse.

It turns out the two bodies that were burnt up in the explosion were getting the sticky, white business from Tick. When the county finds the bodies, the crew worries that his DNA will point the feds right to the club's hideout. But, since you can't shut down shop just because you accidentally fried some people alive, the Sons take on a job escorting a truck full of electronics that someone is afraid is going to get jacked. Of course, instead of protecting the shipment, they hijack the truck for their Italian buddies. I guess that will teach him to trust a fucking biker club with his valuable electronics. They use the heist to strong arm the crooked captain into sticking around for a while to let the Sons rebuild.

When Opie finds out that the bank is trying to repo his car, he has to ask his dad for money, who in turn tells him to "quit whining, grow a dick and take care of your business." That's the kind of awesome biker wisdom I expect out of these dudes. That's making Opie's straight life pretty tough, though.

In order to take some of the heat off of themselves, the crew gets two corpses from a crooked undertaker. They make the new guy dig one of them up, which is one of the best hazings I have ever heard. Plus, Skeeter, the undertaker, gets a night with one of the club's stable of fine ladies in trade. She's a little old, but it's still not a bad deal for some corpses. On the drive to the set-up, Jax gets pulled over with the dead bodies in the back. His buddies ram the cop car and take off running, helping them make a daring escape.

The best part of the whole episode was when Jax and his buddy see the guy who cut them off at a gas station. They head in and beat the shit out of him, but he pulls a gun and an all out riot ensues. The store clerk ends it by burying an axe in the back of the guy's head.

Tara, the nurse, has figured out that it's Jax's mom who gave Wendy the smack that almost killed her after the baby was born. Gemma also has to find a picture in the big box full of her dead husband's stuff so Jax doesn't find out that his mom was knocked up when she got married. It seems like a guy who can murder people and make a life out of it should be able to handle that kind of thing, but I guess not.

The episode ends with a big, happy family dinner with all of the Sons present. It's a feel good ending to a show about dead whores.

Two episodes in and I still really like this show. It has the right mix of light-hearted brotherhood and filthy underworld grime. This episode was definitely better than the pilot because they didn't have to waste all that time in the beginning trying to give the characters backgrounds. Hopefully next week is as graphic and has more of Katey Sagal. Yeah, she's old. But she's still super hot, especially when she's threatening people.

It sounds a little juvenile, but I'm really glad they swear so much during the episodes. It would be really hard to take a biker club seriously if they were saying "crap" and "darn" all the time.