Recap: Season 1, Episode 4. Things haven't been going so well for our favorite crew of leather-clad tough guys. This week, they're looking to turn things around by killing their rivals and hiding their illegal machine guns from the feds.

Our new ATF agent friend is doing a lot of asking about the Sons, drumming up trouble within the local PD. The club needs to make sure the feds don't come across the garage full of AKs they're storing, so they make plans to take them to Nevada and store them with a friendly crew. Tara is still worried that her stalker boyfriend is going to pulll some shit, so she's still trying to get close to Jax.

On the ride into Nevada, the Jax and Bobby are immediately confronted by some Mayans who want to bury them in the desert. They pull he Top Gun stop-short trick on them and they fly right by getting shot at. Since the Mayans are onto their presence, the sons decide to "patch over" their friends, The Tribe, which means a forced merger. That sounds like it will go over well.

Jax finds some douche bag sitting on his bike in the parking lot, so they take his picture, beat the shit out of him and steal his hot girlfriend named suzie. The ATF guy watches the whole thing. They show up at the Tribe's clubhouse to find it extremely hospitable and full of whores. They offer the Sons a strip club in which to store their guns and let him know about the plan to patch. They're not happy, but they realize that they have no choice.

Jax doesn't think The Tribe is outlaw enough to becom Sons of Anarchy, but Bobby suspects it's only because all of his personal issues are messing up his head. Juice and Tig steal the truck to carry the guns, but Tig gets his ass bitten by a dog in the process. The Tribe reluctantly accepts the patch over and trade in their denim vests for leather ones. They all celebrate by geting waist-deep in strippers and hookers, which is really the best way to celebrate anything. Clay seals the girl the prospect is hanging around with as revenge for saying that his wife gave him a "MILF chubby."

Gemma continues to mess with Tara, which is consistantly the most boring part of the show. We get it, she doesn't want him around Jax. She does give Tara an illegal gun, though. It seems like a nice gesture, but ultimately, it'll probably end up screwing up Tara's life even more.

Jax goes for a hike and runs across some Mayans who follow him back to the Tribe clubhouse after he kicks their bikes over. The Mayans shoot the clubhouse full of holes, but get nailed from the flank. Lots of bullets are fired, but only a few hit their mark. Unfortunately, one of the wounded is Jax's uncle, the former head of the tribe. Luckily, he's only hit in the arm, but that doesn't fix the fact that he still has a gang of Mexican bikers who want to kill everyone in a vest.

Jax goes back to the hospital to see Tara and his baby, but somehow Tara has pictures of Jax banging out a stripper at the club last night. She looks pissed and the credits roll.

It's really starting to feel like this show has hit its stride. The gang war is in full effect and bullets are flying freely. There have also been a surprising amount of hot girls on the show. I'm still a little worried that Jax's personal life is going to drag down the pacing. But, as long as its couteracted by sex and violence, I guess I can deal with a couple minutes of character development every week.