A prison beating is a great start to a TV show.

Recap: Season 1, episode 5. We're introduced to a few new characters who happen to be in jail. The member, Otto, arranges for his buddy Chuck to get some protection from the club when he gets out. Gemma is throwing a charity picnic and an ex-club member, Kyle, wants to come to see his son's band play. The club is split on the issue, but they vote and it passes, setting up what should definitely mean trouble. They find out he still has the SAMCRO tattoo and Opie beats the piss out of him in a school gym. We find out that Kyle is the reason that Opie ended up in the joint and thus deserved the beating that he got. After the fight, they agree to go in on a racket together. They get the details on the deal and bring him into the garage and show everyone that he still has the tattoo. They offer him the choice of "fire or knife" to take it off. They end up burning a huge hole in his back where the tattoo used to be. It's one of the most brutal things I've seen on TV in a while. They dump his ass in front of the hospital and take off, leaving the prospect to sweep up all of the charred back skin.

It turns out that Chuck is wanted by the Chinese guys for whom he was cooking the books, making the job pretty dangerous. They pick him up and he starts jacking off in the van, making everyone feel very awkward. They threaten his ass, which seems to be a pretty good cure, at least for a while. Eventually, Clay gets tired of his bullshit and decides it's time to get the money and ditch the masturbater. He calls everyone to arms and they ditch the carnival to pick up the money and deal with a stereotypical Chinese woman. As they leave, they get shot at by some Chinese gangsters and find out that the bag they took is full of counterfeit bills and plates for making fakes. They turn over Chucky and the bag to the Chinese guys for some dough and head back to the clubhouse.

Our ATF jerk is still putting the full-court press on our lovely nurse. Something tells me he's eventually going to end up buried in a hole. Hopefully they get rid of this guy fairly soon. I don't want him screwing up all the sweet outlaw stuff that has been going on.

The more brutal this show gets, the more I seem to like it. The writing is relentless, making the club the most important thing at all times, which is how it is in real life. It's interesting learning all of the rules and intricacies that there are to be had, without actually having to get the shit beaten out of me or have my back turned into cooked meat. I know Jax is starting to rethink his whole situation, which is going to complicat things later on, but at least until that happens we know it's going to be interesting. Here's hoping he doesn't go all family man and boring. I could watch my own life if I wanted that.