Sons of Anarchy “Fun Town” Gets Tough

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Recap: Season 1, episode 3. The guys have to abandon their good time at the carnival to meet with the sketchy IRA guys who supply their automatic weapons. While they’re trying to work out their business, the 13-year old daughter of a local business tycoon named Oswald gets raped in the woods. Craving some sweet, vigilante justice, he asks the sons to track down the scumbag who did it and rough him up. Their manhunt gets held up, though, thanks to the cops putting a lot of pressure on them. Cops are always out to ruin a good rapist beating.

They ditch the fuzz by drugging their coffee and start putting the screws to the carnies, all of whom are even sleazier than the bikers, which is quite a feat. They track down Darby (leader of the white supremacist crew) and find out that one of his guys with a rape record was at the carnival. Gemma distracts him with her boobs while the guys make their way to the hospital to confront him. He claims that the rapist, Yates, got kicked out of his crew, but he gives up his mom’s old address. They grab an assload of guns and head out to the nazi hideout, only to find out that they have no bullets. They improvise and just hit the bonehead guards with the guns. They charge into the house only to find a Bible meeting going on and Yates a changed man.

Jax’s junkie ex, Wendy, is finally lucid again and getting a hard time from the hot nurse, who seems to be having some personal problems of her own. Her ex-boyfriend from Chicago has started calling her again, which is in clear violation of a restraining order. It also makes it very clear that she has excellent taste in men.

Gemma comes to visit Wendy, just to make sure she hasn’t ratted her out. Wendy tries to put the screws of guilt to the queen of bikers, but she isn’t having any of it. While she’s there, Gemma talks to the girl who was raped and manages to find out that the mom is trying to bury the whole thing. Gemma eventually uses her mothering skills to coax out the truth, which is that the asshole clown from the beginning of the episode is the rapist.

SAMCRO rolls up on the carnies and kick the shit out of them in one of the more satisfying fist fights you could ever hope to see on TV. The carnies keep their mouths shut about the beating and the clown gets dragged into the woods where the father of the victim thinks long and hard about cutting his balls off. He chickens out at the last second, so Clay finishes the job and lets him bleed out. They save the knife with Oswald’s prints on it to use to blackmail him into not selling his land to developers. They then mail the guy’s balls to Oswald, which may be the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

Tara’s stalker boyfriend turns out to be a federal agent who now has a definite interest in the club, especially Jax, who comes to visit Wendy and tell her how badly she messed up. She brings her in to see the baby and she breaks down when she sees how small and weak her drug use has made him. They hug and make-up for the time being.

The episode ends with Tara’s old boyfriend showing up in town asking about the Sons and revealing that he’s an ATF agent. That means alcohol, tobacco and firearms, which means trouble for our friendly neighborhood bike club.

This is easily the best episode so far. It has everything you could want from a biker show, especially the kind of street justice that can only be handed out by guys with leather vests. The stuff about Jax’s personal life is going to slow things down a little bit, but I think the clash between the Sons and the other crews as well as the pressure from the feds should make for plenty of fireworks. On a side note, I’m impressed with how little motorcycle riding they’ve done so far. I thought there would be lots of long, motorcycle montages. I guess they can save that for a few seasons from now when they’ve run out of story lines.

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