Sacred Heart’s couples are finding it difficult to reach common ground.  Meanwhile, J.D. receives an unexpected invitation to an unexpected wedding.
Kiss Anniversary

Scrubs jumps on the anti-ginger kid bandwagon when this episode opens with Elliot hating on red heads, claiming that they are “God’s mistake.”  J.D. realizes that it is the seventh year anniversary of his first kiss with Elliot, and he hasn’t gotten her a gift.  He gives her the task of singing “Old MacDonald to Samuel knowing that should give him exactly 45 seconds to correct his error.  While she struggles to maintain the correct pitch, J.D. books it to the gift shop, grabs the first thing he can set his hands on, and outruns Leonard- the one handed security dude with the claw- who immediately gives chase.  J.D. returns as Elliot finishes the song and hands her his present… an electric toothbrush.  Elliot assures J.D. that he doesn’t need to make a big deal out of an anniversary for a kiss.
Love Is In the Air
Lady asks Janitor if he’s ever been in love and through his answer we learn that Janitor had his heart broken by a female Janitor who he found in bed one day with a mop.  Cox and Jordan board an elevator while a woman in crutches down the hall calls out for them to hold the doors.  Both Cox and Jordan begin tapping the ‘door close’ button to speed up the process, leaving the cripple to eat their dust.  Jordan attacks her man passionately as the doors close.  Turk and J.D. make up from last week, but Turk seems to be having trouble with Carla who can’t stop obsessing over the baby.
Brain Trust
Janitor calls a Brain Trust meeting to go over the addition of the group’s newest member: Doug Murphy from the morgue.  Apparently Lloyd- the mail-truck guy- died last week snorkeling in his swimming pool.  A cardboard cut-out of Lloyd stands in the background.  Janitor reminds them that bylaw 47-8 states that the Brain Trust must always have 4 members in it.  Lloyd walks through the door (alive apparently) and Janitor immediately kicks Doug out.  Lloyd admits that he faked his own death and asks if he can borrow three grand.  Janitor apologizes, claiming that times are tight and kicks Lloyd out, which means Doug is back in.  Before they disperse, Janitor hands Ted a box full of papers and asks him to hand them out.
The papers turn out to be wedding invitations addressed to people such as “Black Doctor” (Turk), “Blonde Doctor” (Elliot) and so on.  At first J.D. is bummed because he doesn’t get an invitation.  His disappointment becomes surprise, however, when Ted pulls out the last invitation and hands it to J.D.  As J.D. tries to hide his emotion, Cox points out that the wedding is in three days… in the Bahamas!  There’s no way any of them are going to attend.  The others look inclined to agree, but J.D. unexpectedly gets up to bat for Janitor.  He proposes they all go to the wedding, claiming that it’s just what everyone needs.  Some begin to object, namely Ted who ha s heard that the octopuses come out of the water at night, drag unsuspecting victims up into the trees and pull their faces off with their sticky-sucker tentacles.
Eventually J.D. gets the others on board.  Turk begins thinking that this will be the last opportunity for Carla and him to get some time for them.  Jordan prepares herself by snatching Elliot’s donut and asking a doctor to fire up the liposuction machine.  J.D. approaches Turk with a gift: matching necklaces, designed to be replicas of the Teepee from “The Brady Bunch goes to Hawaii episode.
Feel the Love
J.D. and Elliot finish rolling in the hay.  Elliot rolls over and begins tellingJ.D. how much she loves him and how all she thinks about is their future.  J.D. tells her that he loves her too, which apparently isn’t good enough for Elliot.  She wants to hear an “I love you speech” and she demands that he deliver one when she least expects it.  She rolls over and J.D. does what any sensible man would do.  He waits a few moments and tries to get the “I love you” speech off his chest.  She cuts him off three words into it, telling him that it’s too soon.
Cox is typing at a computer when Jordan begins hounding him about the van waiting outside to take them to the airport.  Cox explains that he has a lot of work to do but Jordan doesn’t care.  The only thing better than a vacation without the kids, she claims, is a vacation without the kids where Cox will be too busy to spend any time with her.
Happy Couples

When they land in the Bahamas the doctors are too stunned to say anything… except Carla who is on the phone giving specific instructions to the babysitter, unaware that she’s landed in a tropical paradise.  The Todd meets up with his med-school teacher, who was also his “high-five” mentor.  The two share a high-five which shakes the ground the doctors stand on, causing them to stumble.  Turk jumps into the swimming pool because he has to pee.  Cox opens his lap-top, even though Jordan is trying to get him drunk.  He won’t entertain her, however, because he has too much work to do.
On her way to their room Elliot bumps into Lady, walking down the path with Janitor.  Janitor seems shocked to find that everyone came.  J.D. jumps in, explaining that it was he who got everyone to show up.  Janitor is miffed.  He had delivered those invites with the expectation that no one would show up to a wedding held in a different country with only three days notice!  Ironically, J.D. has ruined his getaway.  When J.D. apologizes Janitor promises to kill him.
Elliot is disgusted to learn that the towel boy is a red-head.  She runs into the bathroom, telling J.D. she has to brush her teeth.  J.D. sits outside the bathroom and realizes that this is the perfect moment to deliver his “I love you speech.”  Three words into it, Elliot confesses that she is pooing, and J.D. decides that perhaps the speech can wait.
The male doctors sit on the beach when two babes walk up; Jordan and Elliot donning sexy bikinis.  Jordan shows off her goods, spinning like a model.
“50% real… enjoy,” she states proudly, displaying her body.  Elliot nabs all of Turk’s munchies.  Another babe comes down the catwalk: Carla.  Carla is wearing what J.D. calls “shorts and a wife-suit.”  Carla is un-glamorously chatting on the cell-phone and grinning like a geek, wearing one of those ridiculously over-sized hats women wear at the beach.  Turk is slightly embarrassed because his girlfriend can’t leave mommy at home, and enjoy their time together.  Last in line to show off their body is Todd, who steps up wearing his banana hammock.
Stick in the Mud
Turk tries to sex Carla up by suggesting under water relations.  At first Carla seems excited, but then the phone rings.  As Turk’s hopes shatter around him, Carla reminds Turk that mermaids aren’t real.  Elliot and J.D. are standing at the bar by the outside pool, Elliot explaining how she wants the “I love you” speech to go.  J.D. comes to the realization that Elliot’s dictation of the words he should be saying to her is silly, and he let’s her know.
“We both know how we feel about each other, stop acting crazy,” he says with a half smile.
Cox sits by the ocean but not in it.  Jordan is mad that Cox refuses to join in the fun.  Cox confesses that he did all the work he needed to get done on the plane, but wanted to prove to Jordan that she didn’t really want to spend her vacation without him.  He closes his lap-top victoriously, and without missing a beat, Jordan snatches it and chucks it into the water where Turk is splashing amongst the waves… alone.
When J.D. looks back to Elliot, he finds her storming off in the opposite direction, pissed.
To be continued…
It’s good to see that the doctors are still at war with their significant others.  J.D. and Elliot have had too much success with their relationship in this season, so it’s time that they experience a little friction.  My theory is that over the next few episodes they0ll duke it out, things will get worse, and they’ll reach a point where the relationship seems like it’s going to end again, but J.D. will propose just before the series reaches its conclusion.  Again, I’m glad they’re focusing on original cast members, but if their going to pit couples against each other they should focus more on Cox and Jordan.  There’s a match made in hell, and Scrubs is at its very best when they’re tearing each other’s throat out.

Recap by Jonathan Friedler