J.D. moves out to be closer to Sam and also decides to leave Sacred Heart.  Ted and Guch move in together and Elliot takes the fall for Denise’s blunder.

J.D.’s plans to relocate are set in motion and in a short period of time he has moved into and furnished an apartment, 37 minutes away from Sacred Heart.  Turk is proudly displaying his new Chief of Surgery badge when Denise and Derek emerge from the resting room.  Turk and Derek walk off while Carla and Elliot congratulate Denise for the fish she caught.  Elliot confesses that she’s fantasized about J.D. attacking her and Derek and then having both men pleasure her.  Her fantasy ends with her g etting hold of J.D.’s gun and going on a killing spree.  This helps her finish.  Denise is pretty certain that she’s getting distracted with him, and that her involvement is interfering with her abilities as a doctor.  When Carla asks her if Derek is a nice guy, Denise says she thought his name was “Eric”.
A Dish Best Served Cold

Lady asks Janitor to talk to her sister’s son who is having difficulty venting his anger towards Liam.  When the kid talks about hitting others, Janitor interrupts and says “we never hit others.”  He goes on to explain that one should store their anger like an anger-baby.  The way you get back at someone is by getting into their head.  He asks the boy if he would be willing to alter his appearance to get back at someone he hated- because that is the level of commitment he is looking for.  The kid’s response to Janitor is only natural: “Are you on drugs?”
Mixed Emotions
J.D. meets Kim at her hospital so they can do a baby swap.  In the parking lot he manages to irritate Kim’s Chief of Medicine, Dr. Mantooths, by laughing at how silly his name sounds.  When he returns to Sacred Heart, however, J.D. announces that he’ll be leaving to take a job as Chief of Residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital, which is much closer to his new home.  The faces of his friends all bear the same emotion: sorrow… except Dr. Cox who attempts a celebratory back-flip and lands on his face.  The smile he wears, however, remains.
Later, Cox asks J.D. if the distance is going to affect his romance.  Elliot steps in to defend their relationship, but Cox wasn’t talking about her and J.D., he was talking about J.D. and Turk.  The question sparks a conversation between Turk and J.D. where they assure themselves they’ll be able to make it work.  Carla has her doubts, seeing as the only time Turk and J.D. have spent apart was on her honeymoon.  Carla learns that she was deceived though because J.D. had been with Turk for that too.
Misery Loves Company

Cox exchanges a few words with Denise and discovers they have something in common: they both hate working at Sacred Heart.  Cox immediately takes a liking to Denise, who walks off.  His content is snuffed when Elliot determines that there is something wrong with their patient.
Later, they find out that the patient is bleeding internally because Denise had made a post-op, overdosing error.  Cox tells Elliot that someone has to take responsibility for the error and apologize to the patient.  The implication is that he wants Denise to be held accountable for her mistake.
Change Begets Change

A conversation in the cafeteria reveals that Janitor is not happy about J.D. leaving.  He explains that he had just gotten his life under control; his marriage, his job, the Brain-Trust…  J.D.’s departure upsets the status-quo.  He postulates that change begets change begets change.  In other words, if J.D. leaves, a domino-effect will occur where everything will change.
Touchy Member
Doug was booted from the Brain-Trust because Janitor didn’t approve of the inflection in his voice when he made a random comment.  Doug’s seemingly transcendental position is handed over to Jimmy, the overly touchy intern.  Jimmy’s hands are currently attached to Ted’s face.  Ted moves that hands should be kept to themselves, but Todd and Jimmy both stand in opposition to the motion.  Janitor, however, sides with Ted, and because it’s his show, the motion is passed.  Jimmy and Todd, however, don’t seem to have any problem putting their hands on each other.
Janitor opens the floor to other motions, but Ted announces that he is moving in with Guch.  Janitor denies this, but Ted explains that it wasn’t a question.  Janitor explains that it has to go through a sub-committee, and eventually persuades Ted that he should wait awhile longer before making the move.
Respect My Authoritah!
Turk and J.D. argue over how to treat the internally bleeding patient.  Turk wants to cut her open but J.D. disagrees.  Turk implies that as Chief of Surgery his opinion overrides J.D.’s opinion.  After a moment of arguing, J.D. proposes that they wait until morning to make the decision.  Turk agrees.  He hops into J.D.’s car so they can check out his new place, and Turk remarks that the drive is a little more than 37 minutes…
Elliot approaches the patient and explains that a mistake was made.  She takes full re sponsibility for the error and the patient accepts her apology.
Ted ignores Janitor’s Brain-Trust authority, and moves in with Guch.
The next morning J.D. approaches the patient’s bed to discover that Turk had made the call to send her for surgery.  He hadn’t waited to confer with J.D. as he’d promised the day before.  Turk admits that he made the call “As Chief of Surgery,” and storms off.
Later, J.D. walks by Turk and huffs loudly which gets no response.  J.D. demands that Turk react to his huff, but to no avail.  He storms off angrily.
The Burn
Cox yells at Elliot for taking the fall for Denise’s mistake.  Elliot tries to parry (ha-ha… get it?  Perry?!) Cox’s anger by pointing out that he said someone had to take the blame and apologize for the mistake.  That someone had been Elliot.
Janitor approaches Ted with an eyebrow cocked and loaded.  Guch is singing one of her happy, silly songs on the couch next to her man.  Ted asks Janitor if that’s his “betrayal- stare.”  Janitor tells Ted to let it burn.  Ted does.
Carla suggests to Turk that they have a roll in the hay.  Turk excitedly throws his wife over his shoulders and makes a beeline for the room with all the beds in it.  When he opens the door, Elliot is in the process of pulling J.D.’s pants down.  It turns out that Elliot and Carla have conspired to bring their men together so they can talk things out.  Reluctantly, the two men sit next to each other and Turk asks J.D. if he wants to pull his pants up.  J.D. isn’t ready to do that though.
Cox let’s Denise have it by telling her she is getting nominated for the ‘worst doctor awards’.  Denise explains that Elliot had told her the mistake she made was common among interns, and there was no reason to sweat it, but Cox assures her that she should.
Things Change

When asked how the new living situation is going, Ted announces that living with his girlfriend is great because he gets to have sex all the time.  Everyone gags on the food they’re eating and Ted asks why that is the reaction everyone has when they picture him having sex.  Kelso tells Ted to imagine himself having sex and he’ll understand why.  Ted does and gags just like everybody else.  Poor bastard.
The conversation moves along.  Kelso admits that he misses being a doctor and thinks about doing part-time medical work, which sparks others to comment on the things they want to change in their lives.  Janitor calls a halt to their confessions and demands that people stop with their changes.  He says that change can be dangerous, and is never good.  His audience begins to leave, but not before Lady app roaches him and asks him if it would be ok if her sister and her son came to live with them for awhile.
Turk and J.D. are talking it out.  Turk admits that he had always dreamed that one day, he and J.D. would run Sacred Heart together.  A mutual daydream illustrates this fantasy, and just how ridiculous it could possibly be.  It involves pudding and a caged Janitor for those of you who missed the show.  Turk points out that the drive to J.D.’s new place isn’t 37 minutes, but more like an hour and fifteen minutes.  He is forced to confront the reality that he and J.D. won’t be seeing as much of each other, and perhaps that’s why there had been friction between them over the patient.  Turk and J.D. discuss how they’ll make it work.  They make plans to hang out later.

True Colors

A turn of the tables finds Elliot berating Cox for berating Denise.  Elliot asks why Cox had turned so suddenly on Denise shortly after admitting that he liked her.  She also points out that he has always defended the interns taken them under his wing, so to speak.  Cox admits that he was hard on Denise, but he’s done extending his protection to the interns.  He explains that his reason for doing so is that as soon as the intern gets the opportunity, he’s just going to leave.  Elliot realizes that Cox is talking about J.D.  He is bitter towards the idea that his protégé will be leaving him.
On J.D.’s way out the door, Janitor promises that he’ll make his last few weeks at Sacred Heart very special.  When J.D. turns to say goodbye to Cox, Cox won’t give him the time of day.
That evening, sitting on the couch with Elliot, J.D. gets a phone call from Turk who can’t meet up with him because he has to stay home and take care of Izzy.
The end is not far, yet much remains to be resolved.  J.D.’s decision to leave Sacred Heart threatens to sever the bonds which have developed between the hospital employees over the past eight years.  Janitor makes a good point when he declares that change begets change, but he is wrong in the statement that “change is never good.”  Obviously, J.D. is relocating for the greater good: his son.  Now we all know that Cox has loved J.D. from day one, and his whole back-flip fiasco is just a way by which he maintains his stoic façade, but his reaction to J.D.’s decision indicates that with J.D. leaving, things will not be the same.  J.D. will=2 0be missed and though the change might not be bad, it will certainly be hard for those who’ve come to know him.
With an hour’s worth of series finale I am certai Scrubs will leave us feeling good- or at least bittersweet- about the way things end for our buddies at Sacred Heart.

Recap by Jonathan Friedler