J.D. and Turk prepare the interns for the annual comedy sketch which turns on them and nearly ends their bromance.  Janitor begins to question his own mental stability after (possibly) witnessing Carla pluck a monstrous boob-hair. All in Episode 160: My Comedy Show.Workaholic

Sonny invites Denise, the "dude-chick", out for drinks.  Elliot urges her to get out of the hospital and not overwork herself, but Denise declines Sonny's offer and several others.  Together, Elliot and Denise treat the teenage Briana, whose immune system is shot, and is liable to die at any minute.  Briana's mom is too concerned to let Briana do anything but lay on her deathbed.  She also seems to think that Elliot and her are the same age.  When Denise continues to ignore Elliot's advice that she go out, Elliot tells her that she is choosing a life of seclusion, much like the one Briana's mom is forcing upon her daughter.

Hair On Your Chest
Carla reaches into he scrubs and plucks a stunningly long hair from her chest.  While admiring it's size, she learns that she is not the only witness to this atrocity.  Janitor saw the whole thing from his corner of the couch, and she looks up to see Kelso in the doorway.  "That's a big, booby-hair!" He exclaims, smiling.  Later, Janitor asks Carla for the booby hair, explaining that he is scrap-booking the most disgusting things he's seen in his life and he has a special place for her "mini-chest snake" on the page just after the "snug": a snail and a slug he had spliced some time before.  Carla tells Janitor that she has no idea what he is talking about, and forces Janitor to question whether or not the booby-hair incident occured at all.  In his quest to blackmail Carla for the hair, Janitor consults Kelso, who, siding with Carla, denies that the whole thing ever happened.  Janitor is forced to accept the possibility that chunks of his memory are mere figments of his imagination, and apologizes to Carla.  As he walks off Carla states: "That was easier than I thought!"

Honeymoon Is Over
J.D. and Turk get everyone paired up for their annual comedy sketch where the new interns have to do parodies of the doctors.  With everybody paired, the only two who remain are the cheerful Sonny and her opposite, Denise, who are slated to play the roles of J.D. and Turk.  When the time comes to perform, Sonny and Denise haven't rehearsed anything so they simply begin to make out on-stage, dressed as J.D. and Turk.  The audience roars with laughter, much to the shame of the doctors hosting the show.  Later, Turk and J.D. resolve to tone down the "bromance".  J.D. struggles at the idea of not being able to hug his buddy when it is announced that Turk's paper is getting published, but when the crowd disperses he is pleased to find that Turk ran around the hallway to meet J.D. on the other side so they could embrace in private.

Room For One More
Denise and Sonny approach Briana's mom to challenge her control over her daughter, but are met with rigid rejection.  Elliot explains that she had already implored Briana's mom to have mercy on her daughter, but to no avail.  Elliot pleads with Denise one more time, begging her to go out and live while she can.  The episode ends with Denise taking Elliot's advice and joining the new interns at the bar.

J.D.'s relationship with Turk is bumped to a new level of "suspect" when they are forced to tone down their PDA, because now they have to express their already questionable feelings for one another in private.  Thankfully, years of devoted fanship have made us understand and accept how these two interact, even when their friendship is satirized so blatantly at their own comedy show.

The conflict/ resolution with the whole Briana situation is pretty cut and dry.  Briana is forced to suffer a life of solitude which mirrors the life Denise has chosen for herself by never taking time to have fun.  In the end, even Denise becomes uncomfortable with that sense of loneliness, and realizes that perhaps a night out with her friends is the best way to avoid it.

I thought it was interesting that the episode ends with a table surrounded by the new characters.  With an alleged two episodes left in the series I would think that the focus would be in wrapping up the stories of the original cast of characters, yet an ending like this opens the new characters up, rather than closing the old ones down.

Recap by Jonathan Friedler