The episode begins as if it was entirely different show, a twilight version of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, where Cameron and Sarah wear pink Amish cotton gowns as they water steel cacti that quickly grow and envelope their young. Then we find out that its only Sarah's dream, thank God!

John and Cameron
After convincing Sarah she is too sick to go back to Mexico to melt down Cromartie, John and Cameron head out on the journey together. On their road trip John starts to question Cameron's actions. She has her foot out the window because she wants to feel whats its like to get away from it all. John contradicts her by saying that she's a machine and therefore cant feel or have any emotions. Cameron responds by saying " I don't think you understand how we work", even though she's a machine she would not be worth anything if she didn't feel. Once they reach Mexico Cameron and John dig at night and discover that Cromartie's body is not where they left it. They come to the conclusion that only one person would be crazy enough to dig it up, Ellison.

They make it back to Ellison's house and wait in the car for him to come home. Cameron begins the conversation between them by asking John why Sarah felt compelled to turn over a turtle earlier that day. John explains that Sarah helped it because it would have died any other way. Cameron understands it as a sign of empathy. John says it human nature to help those who are in pain but he agrees with Cameron that not everyone takes the time. He then asks Cameron what would she have done, help the turtle or run over it. She states that the turtle wasn't a threat and that its not in a cyborgs programming to be cruel. John laughs at her statement and Cameron smiles at him. At that exact moment Ellison pulls up, once he enters his house he is instantly attacked by Cameron. John interrogates Ellison on the whereabouts of Cromartie's skeleton as Cameron continues to throw him around the house. Only when John is convinced that Ellison does not have Cromartie does he tell Cameron to stop. Like Sarah and as a sign of her empathy she helps Ellison flip from his back to his stomach before she leaves his house. Once back at the house John informs Sarah that Cromartie is missin.

Sarah is at the house suffering from a virus that she believed she got when she was in Mexico. Every time she falls asleep she experiences a nightmare. The first nightmare she finds herself in a nursery that eerily enough does not have any babies, only turtles. In each bassinet three baby turtles are in the middle of the blankets, when she looks to the right she sees Cameron in her pink gown rocking a turtle. Sarah reaches for the turtle but Cameron walks right past her and hands the turtle to Cromartie. Sarah then awakes to find that she is not only having nightmares but is also sleepwalking. In a sweat she goes to visit Doctor Sherman and only after much persistence does he agree to talk to her. She confesses that she has been having nightmares that have lead her to sleep walk. The doctor asks her where does she go and she responds by saying she gets the hell out. After refusing to answer the questions that the doctor showers her with he tells her that he can not help her. He tells her that it seems as if  her life revolves around John and if she refuses to talk about him then he can not tell her what her dreams mean or help her with them. Sarah is on the couch when John comes home, she asks him if he knows what the three dots mean because its all she thinks of and he tells her that he just thinks she is tired from chasing killer machines. She then apologizes to him because she knows that she led Cromartie to him by not killing that young kid in the bowling alley.
The last nightmare Sarah finds herself climbing down a hole that leads to a door that opens up to Doctor Sherman's office. He turns to tell her that all she tells is lies, lies, lies and she has something to do. She agrees with him and awakes to find herself in the garage. In the garage on the wall by Doctor Sherman's name is the three dots and Sarah places her fingers on them.

Derek and Jessie
After an urgent phone call from Jessie, Derek meets up with her at a warehouse.He finds out that she has kidnapped a man by the name of Charles Fisher, who she believes to be a grey, a person that's a traitor to the human race because he works for the machines. The man who is tied up with duck tape to a chair explains that Jessie is mistaken, he is a watch repair man by the name on Paul Stewart. Jessie is thrown by the fact that Derek can't remember him. Derek watches as Jessie hits the man repeatedly and finally stops her. He won't torture the man until he confesses to being the person that Jessie claims he is. Instead of waiting around Jessie leaves to get proof. Derek brings Paul Stewart/Charles Fisher a hamburger that he refuses to eat. In that time with him Derek finds out his life story which he doesn't quite believe especially when he sees the tattoo on his arm. Derek tells Charles Fisher that its a tattoo done with prison ink and the tattoo, a clock with no hands, means a life sentence. Charles Fisher can only disagree. Derek sends a picture of the kidnapped man to Cameron who states that she doesn't know who he is either. Jessie arrives with her proof in the form of a young Charles Fisher, the Charles Fisher of present day. Only when Derek begins to tear off the finger nails of present day Fisher dose the future one confess that he indeed is Charles Fisher from the future. He states that he was in prison on judgement day and when the robots released him they gave him two options, he could either teach them how to break down a person through torture or he could die.

Derek finds out from Jessie that he was kidnapped on a raid and was one of the people that Fisher tortured to teach the machines. Derek has every intention to stop that from ever happening but before he kills present day Fisher, Jessie shoots the future one in the head. Instead of killing present day Fisher they decide to let him go because really he was an innocent in all of this. Derek and Jessie sit in the truck and discuss how it was possible that Derek could not even remember of flash when that was all he obsessed over for months. Derek comes to conclusion that maybe he's from a future where it never happened and maybe she's from a future where it did.

Ellison was lying. We find him and Catherine Weaver in a parking lot where he opens up the trunk of his car to reveal Cromarite's skeleton. He tells her that he wants to figure out how they work so that the future doesn't repeat itself.

Present day Charles Fisher is arrested by FBI agents because Future Charles Fisher hacked into homeland security. They don't believe his claims that his future self was responsible and he finds himself in solitary confinement.

Sarah's dream was weird and I am pretty much just as confused as she is, well played The Sarah Connor Chronicles because I think that's exactly how they wanted me to feel. I get there is symbolism and underlying meaning but right now I just don't get it but I well definitely tune in next week to find out. I am feeling a little frustrated, I knew that Ellison was lying and now Cromartie is exactly where he should never be in the hands of Catherine Weaver. Is this how Skynet really begins? Also Derek really shouldn't have let present day Fisher go. I don't get how all of a sudden Derek is a little soft, is that because his lady love is in the picture now? The Derek of a first season would  have killed that kid on the spot. Cameron is changing more and more with each episode, its a little exciting and a little frightening. The writers definitely scratched the surface of the on going topic of Cameron and her feelings. How much does Cameron really feel? It hasn't necessarily been answered but we do know that she feels something.. but just how much remains to be unfolded. The biggest revelation was that the future is being changed. How could it not, but what future have they created by all of their actions? Who else wants a flash forward episode? All in all it was a great episode that gave just enough away but created about a million more questions. I see your game, writers, and I will continue to play.