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Agent Ellison should have never answered his door because maybe then he wouldn’t have had the worst day ever. He comes face to face with his clone in the form of a terminator, only then to witness Cromartie, in a sick twist of good timing, kill the terminator with a quick stab from his sword shaped hand. But he’s not so lucky with the second knock where he is greeted by police officers and a murder charge. Before his terminator clone tried to kill him, he killed an innocent man as stated by a witness and with no way to offer an explanation Ellison finds himself behind bars.  Catherine Weaver in the form of an officer gets the witness to admit that he saw a naked Agent Ellison exit an energy bubble before breaking the victim’s neck with his bare hands. In light of the new crazy testimony Agent Ellison is released from jail. 

On the other side of town Sarah, Cameron and John are not having the best day either. They come home to find out that they have been robbed by humans. This sends Cameron, Sarah and Derek on a chase to track down their diamonds and most importantly their ids before it gets into the wrong hands. Derek finds where their diamonds have been sold with the help of his girlfriend Jessie. It takes Sarah, Derek and Cameron two trips and a gun in the face to get the diamond dealer to give them a name. But it’s not until one of the credit cards is used that they find their whereabouts, a bowling alley. Sarah and Cameron find the three men who stole their property and are able to get everything back with a simple gun flashing. Sarah turns away from Cameron to look for the fourth member of the group only to be startled by shots fired. Cameron casually states that they were a security risk. Sarah finds the fourth member of the group who happens to be teenage boy. She threatens him with harm if he ever tells anyone what happened that day.

In charge of putting the house back in order John is almost found by Cromartie twice. A lucky miss at the grocery store and at the house, Riley in her ever naive way lets the terminator in as John with a shot gun in hand hides until Cromartie finally leaves.

Once home Sarah tells John that he can no longer have friends at the house. He angrily accuses her of not wanting him to have a normal life. She reminds him through clenched teeth that the future has already been mapped out for them and there is nothing they can do to change that. She will do everything in her power to protect him which them prompts John to remind her that she couldn’t protect him from killing Sarkisian.

The show ends with Cromartie at the bowling alley reassuring the left behind teenage boy that if he tells him where he got the credit cards that he wouldn’t let Sarah kill him.

This episode illustrated how dysfunctional this family unit is becoming. Derek is lying about Jessie, John isn’t telling Sarah about Cromartie, and Sarah seems to be losing all control of the situation. Half way through the episode it was pretty obvious this was just a set up for the next. You just know that the kid is going to tell Cromartie where the house is at.  Anyways, the preview was highly more entertaining for me then the episode itself. Ok, it was confirmed awhile back that someone WILL die in the next episode. My bet is on either Cromartie or Riley (I hope its Riley)! Thoughts?

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