Recap: Weeds: Episode 4.11

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Episode: "Head Cheese". After last week’s big happenings, things slowed down for this episode, probably so they can get everyone into position for the last two episodes of the season. It looks like some shit is about to go down.

The Nancy we currently have sure is a far cry from the bubbly, drug-dealing mom with an iced coffee constantly glued to her lips we got used to in the first couple of seasons. It seems like she has some real heavy shit going on inside her head at the moment. I don’t really understand why she freaked out on Shane so much. After finding him jacking off to pictures of his own mom, I would be elated if I found out he was getting it on with two (and I mean this in the least creepy way possible) sort-of hot girls. I miss the Nancy who seemed like she could handle everything. I guess everybody gets worn down, though. Maybe she’ll get worn down enough to take her top off again. I’m still really surprised she called the cops. If Guillermo goes down he’s almost certainly going to try and take a shot at Nancy. I guess she’ll kind of deserve it. If you’re going to make all of your money the dirty way, you can’t be all picky and choosey about what you’re willing to smuggle and what you’re not.

Doug and Andy:
If you stuck around for scenes from next week’s episode, you saw that Maria falls in love with Andy because she thinks Doug is a total scumbag. While I’m sure that scenario will play out in a funny way, that’s awfully predictable. In fact, that’s the plot to almost every romantic comedy ever. Also, I can’t look at Doug the same way after hearing that he has genital warts. That’s so gross. At least that probably means that Celia has them, too. So it’s kind of worth it.

They almost made me feel bad for her when they kicked her ass out of the nice rehab center, but once she got in with the crackheads and they were all yelling at her, I couldn’t have been happier. Maybe she’ll get shanked. It’s amazing that no matter how bad her situation gets (even when she was in prison) she still seems like she deserves it. Watching her interact with Bob Odenkirk was hilarious, too. I never thought to shove coke up my urethra, but now I have something to do on Tuesday night.

Shane and Silas:
I’m grouping them together because neither one really got that much screen time this week. It seems like Shane is going to start having weird orgies with those two mall goth girls and Celia’s lesbian daughter which sounds about as awkward as getting caught jerking it to Designing Women. Silas, on the other hand, is being way underutilized. I think his storyline could be one of the most interesting on the show if they would quit glancing over it. Selling pot and boning a super hot mom doesn’t sound bad at all.

Next week:
Nancy went to the feds to take down Guillermo, but I bet it’s going to end up taking down her fancy Mexican boyfriend. That’s just the way things seem to work out for her. I don’t really care what happen to Doug and Andy until they start doing something interesting again. My prediction is that Andy won’t fuck Maria, but she’ll leave and Doug will get mad at him anyways. Shane will continue to be weird and Silas will continue to be awesome. All I know for sure is that I’m bummed there’s no episode next week. Lame.

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