Recap: Weeds: Episode 4.10

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Episode: "The Love Circle Overlap." I was disappointed with last week’s episode, but Weeds seems to be back with the good stuff this week to make up for last week’s ounce of shake. There’s nothing like a drugr trip and an underage threesome to get things back into gear.

Nancy’s relationship with Esteban seems to be more functional than any she’s had in the past, but I’m a little worried that the headaches she’s getting. I feel like they might be hinting that something is seriously wrong with her or that she’s heading for a breakdown. Her appeal is that she’s been able to handle a ridiculous amount of hardship so far, without cracking under the pressure. Well, that and her amazing body. Watching her trip out on that drug tea was kind of hot, in a really weird way.

As much as I’ve hated Shane in the past, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with his ability to pull off a threesome with two of the hotter, alternative-looking girls in school. It’s definitely a step up from hanging out with Celia’s frumpy-looking daughter. He’s still a weirdo, but I’m definitely jealous of his first sexual experience. There were two girls there for my first time. Unfortunately they were both printed on the pages of Vogue.

Even though his story line with the cheese MILF isn’t really going anywhere at the moment, I’m still a big Silas fan. His advice to Shane about the threesome was some of the best advice ever given.

Andy and Doug:
They finally hunted down Maria, but I’m not sure I really care. Their story line needs to take a turn for the more outrageous, soon. Now that they’ve effectively gotten rid of the crazy, redneck border patrol guy, there needs to be some other kind of wacky adventure for them go go on.

She’s still annoying and I still wish her stupid character would die.

Next week:
At the end of this week’s episode I was a little disappointed. Not because it was bad, just because I wanted it to keep going. Watching the first three seasons on DVD spoiled me by not having to wait a week for new shows. But next week should be pretty interesting. Hopefully we’ll learn more about what’s messed up inside Nancy’s head. And I’m sure the talk she gives Shane about giving it to two girls at the same time will be both awesome and horrifically akward at the same time.

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