Recap: Weeds: Episode 4.09

Monday, August 11 by

Episode: "Little Boats." The run of fantastic episodes had to come to an end some time and I guess this was it. That’s not to say that it was a bad episode, but with all the crap that has happened in the past couple weeks, I think it was a much neede break that let the writers do some housekeeping and hopefully set up some wild stuff that’s yet to come.

What happened?
Nancy’s love affair with senor drug boss was pretty much put on hold so that she could deal with a bunch of family stuff. El Andy faced up to the coyote he accidentally shot in the leg. Doug did a whole lot of whining and Celia made me wish that they writers would just drag her stupid ass out into the street and drive a bus over her.

Poor Shane:
The kid establishes himself as a total bad ass at school, then has to go home and be confronted by his mom about jerking off to pictures….of his mom. Watching that conversation was seriously one of the worst cases of douche chills I have ever had. Getting caught by your mom when you’re rubbing one out is bad enough if you’re doing it to Internet porn (or the Sears catalog), but naked pictures of her? My genitals shutter just thinking about it.

And poor Silas
It looks like his hot, cheese MILF is finally realizing that she’s robbing the cradle. I guess I kind of feel bad for him since he lost is amazingly sweet deal, but at the same time I’m glad because I think about the sexual experiences I was having when I was 17 and most of them involved waiting up until Showtime decided to play something with nudity.

Now that she has gone completely insane and gotten addicted to coke over the course of like three days, she is definitely one of the worst characters on the show. Actually, he might be one of the worst characters on TV right now. Everything she does is so annoying. You would think watching her run around all batshit insane would be funny, but it really isn’t. It reminds me of watching anything on the Lifetime network.

Andy and Doug:
Aside from Andy’s little confrontation with the belt-stealer, their storyline really made almost no progress to speak of. Andy’s discovery of Shane’s wanking material was pretty hilarious, though. His lines continueto be some of the best writing the show has to offer. I wish I had an uncle like that.

Next week:
From the preview, it looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of Celia and her stupid family full of ugly people. But, we’ll also get back to Nancy and her kingpin boyfriend which could prove more interesting. I’m also waiting for Guillermo to come back. I know it’s going to happen, and when it does I bet there’s going to be plenty of shit hitting the proverbial fan.

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