Recap: Weeds: Episode 4.07

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I have to admit that I was actually pretty late to the Weeds party. Maybe it was because I don’t smoke weed, so I thought there might be some subtleties that were lost on me. More likely, though, it’s because I was too cheap to get Showtime. But I’m all caught up now and I’m glad because it seems like season four is finally getting to the good stuff, like naked pictures of Nancy.

What happens?
Nancy wants back in on the weed dealing business, but Guillermo won’t help her out so she goes right for big boss, Esteban. Doug and Andy are stilly trying to get their illegal border crossing business up and running and Silas is getting it on with that hot older lady that owns the cheese shop.

The best part:
There’s more sex in this episode than in the rest of the series combined. Between Silas and the MILF, Nancy getting spanked in a limo by Esteban and the incredibly horrific implication that Shane is jerking off to scandalous pictures of his own friggin’ mom, I’m going to need Dr. Ruth to come and sort out my genitals for me. And seriously, Dr. Ruth, if you’re reading this, come and do me. And if you’re dead, I’m sorry for disrespecting your tiny corpse.

Poor Guillermo:
With Nancy going over his head, it seems like they’re setting him up to get pissed at her. I kind of liked that they were getting along, but the story will probably get much more interesting if they’re not. I’m willing to bet that they get into a fight but somehow end up in the sack. That seems to be the way this show operates.

Is it staying on the DVR?
Every week I find myself wishing that this show was an hour long. With no commercials to fast forward through, it seems like it goes by way too fast. Even so, you should still be watching it, if not because Mary-Louise Parker is probably the hottest 40+ chick on TV, than because Albert Brooks will probably be back again as the grumpy grandpa. Someday, I hope to become a grumpy old gambling addict. I’m well on my way. I think Albert would be proud.

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