Recap: True Blood: Episode 1.01

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With the bad taste of The Lost Boys: The Tribe still souring me a little on vampires, I didn’t go into HBO’s new blood-sucking series with high hopes. But, despite some really bad accents and Anna Paquin’s jacked up teeth, True Blood doesn’t suck….yet.

After tha Japanese invent an accurate, synthetic blood sibstitute, vampires come out of hiding to live amongst normal humans. Being the awesome creatures that we are, we find a way to screw them all the time and take their blood as some kind of drug.

Our main character, played by Anna Paquin, is a proper southern lady who makes her money waiting tables at some terrible little bar. Even with her morals firmly in place, she still harbors a strong interest in vampires. When one comes into the bar, she ends up saving his life when two scumbag drug dealers try to drain his blood–which they so lovingly refer to as V juice. Sookie saves him, flirts with him and then goes back to work. Oh yeah, and she can read minds. So, take that for what it’s worth.

Sookie’s brother:
Jason seems like a scumbag. The first time we meet him, he’s getting it on with a freaky chick whiile watching a tape of her getting it on with a vampire. The vampire sex is very stupid looking. When they find Maudette dead, Jason gets arrested as a suspect.

It’s not a very good vampire name, but Bill is the vampire that Sookie saves from the rednecks. He looks more like a homeless man than a monster. He’s not nearly as tough as I would expect a vampire to be, either.

The end:
In the last scene of the episode, Sookie is getting the crap kicked out of her by the rednecks she originally thwarted. Since she’s supposed to be meeting Bill, he’ll probably show up at the beginning of episode two to save her ass. And then bite it. At least that’s what the preview would suggest.

It sure isn’t perfect and it’s going to have a lot of competition soon on Sunday nights, but until this show does something really stupid, I’m going to stick with it. If nothing else, it might end up with HBO making its own blood flavored energy drink. That’s something I would like to see.

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