Recap: The Shield Season 7 Premiere

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We’re almost at the end of the road for The Shield and I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me just a little sad. For the past six seasons, this show has been giving us all the bad language and graphic violence we could ever expect to get from basic cable. It has been an awesome journey, but it looks like it’s going to go out the way it came in: Kicking ass all over the place.

The blood line:
We’re at the beginning of an all-out gang war between factions, which means there will be lots of cool stuff like the bloodline. One of the bosses had two of his enemies dragged down the street behind a car, grinding off their limbs and drawing a huge line of blood ot mark territory. My dog usually just pees, but I guess this works, too. Of course, Vic had a smart-ass comment for the legless crooks, telling them, "Next time take the bus, boys." Sick burn, legless guys!

Hector’s lady:
Now that they’re re-opening Hector’s case, and ultimately busting his ass, they’re going back to talk to his alibi, who just happens to have an incredible rack. Thank you, FX for not watermarking the cleavage. Your priorities clearly are in the right place. They even jarred Billing’s head back into the right place. It only helped established him as more of a huge sleeze bag.

Vic’s Voodoo:
Every time it seems like Vic has lost total control, he somehow manages to squeese his bald head out of it. Even now that his family has been threatened, he still manages to keep his cool and make a bust by driving a car through the front entrance of a store. You have to respect that kind of multi-tasking. Killing Armenians with one hand and being a family man with the other. Kudos.

Vic’s technique:
I love watching Vic put the needles to the bad guys. This time he took the barrel of his gun and jammed it into a perp’s bullet wound. Shit like that actually makes me cringe. Something tells me it’s going to get way worse when the Mexicans and the Armenians actually get into it.

Shame on Shane:
I know he’s supposed to be a hero of sorts, but he’s starting to come off as kind of a pussy. He’s so busy positioning that he keeps forgetting to burn people’s faces on hot stoves. Sure, he cut off that prisoner’s feet to help out his crew, but I think he’s going to crack first.

Gang war:
The episode ends with Vic suggesting we "sit back and watch the gang war." I’m definitely in agreement. I’m thinking about getting a leather jacket and shaving my head for the series finale. If the rest of the season is as good as the premiere, it just might happen.

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