Season 5, Episode 3 "Baby Shower" We expect Jan and Angela to be total bitches, but we expect more from you, Pam.

Michael, Jan and Holly:
Michael plans an incredibly elaborate baby shower and practices, with Dwight's help, for the birth of Jan's baby only to find out that she has already had it and just didn't call him. Predictably, she acts like a total asshole to Michael and Holly, the whole time she's in the office. As she's leaving, she tells Michael that he's not to date Holly, at which point he immediately goes and asks her out. It would've made for a great ending, but...

Jim and Pam: They're doing exactly what we have been worrying about, which is starting to make trouble between the couple that's supposed to be perfect. They play phone tag and get frustrated with one another, which is pretty accurate if you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be in a long-distance relationship. If Pam ends up cheating on Jim with that chubby kid, I'm going to be pretty bummed. If they can't make a relationship work on TV, how the hell are we supposed to make them work here in the meat space (that means real life).

Dwight puts Jan's $1,200 stroller to the test by throwing it against walls and hitting it with his car. It's the most classically Dwight thing that has happened in quite a while.

Even with the Jim and Pam drama, this ep was still far better than last week's. All the characters seemed to be back to what made us love them in the first place. Plus, hearing Michael ask for a golden shower was pretty hilarious. It will be interesting to see where next week goes. Pam is still going to be gone for a while, so maybe we'll get to see more of her at college. Plus, we might get to see Michael and Holly go on their first date. Honestly, I don't know I'm ready for that level of embarrassment.