Recap: The Office Hits a Playoff Slump

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Recap: Season 5, Episode 2 "Business Ethics" I almost feel bad calling this a bad episode, because it was still funnier than most other things on TV, but compared to the premiere from two weeks ago, "Business Ethics" is a bit of a drag. At least we got to see Dwight piss into a soda bottle.

Michael and Holly:
They’re really working hard on this relationship. Almost the whole episode was devoted to it. Once Holly finds out that Meredith has been sleeping with a paper salesman to get the company a discount, Holly wants to punish her. Michael, and everyone else think it’s fine. Eventually, they make up because they have to because their eventual date is going to be one of the most awkward moments in TV history. I’m calling it right now.

Jim and Dwight:
Dwight claims that he never "steals company time" by not working so Jim starts timing him whenever he does something that’s not work related. This sub-plot is much funnier than Michael’s. I do miss Pam, though. I’m interested to see more of her at school, especially since they’re letting her look hot now.

There were some funny moments, but overall I think this episode was a little bland. I’ve come to expect something amazing every week and that makes it easy to be let down. Although, I think it gained some funny points in my mind after I tried watching that SNL special that was on immediately after. I almost cried myself to sleep because of its lack of anything remotely humorous. Yes, Tina Fey looks like Sarah Palin, we get it. Go back to making fake commercials, please.

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