Recap: The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget

Monday, August 18 by

While Comedy Central’s batting average has been pretty solid as far as roasts go, some are definitely better than others. With a line-up that included Norm McDonald, Jim Norton and the rest of the regular roasters, I had high hopes going into Danny Tanner’s event. Did it live up to the hype? Almost.

The best part:
Like with most of these things, it was Greg Geraldo who put down the best material. He really does have roasting down to a science. Almost every shot he took got a genuine laugh, or at least a sincere groan, which is usually just as good. My only real complaint about his set was the vest he wore during it. He looked like he should be playing keyboard with Huey Lewis and the News.

The second best part:
I’m slowly becoming a Brian Posehn super fan. Maybe it’s because I identify with him as a fellow hideous-looking person who loves metal. Maybe it’s that he’s just really friggin’ funny. Since he’s so funny looking, he’s also a great target for the other comedians, making him the perfect roast guest.

The worst part:
What is up with Jon Lovitz lately? First he bombs hard on the season finale of Last Comic Standing, then he comes to this roast and does a few more minutes of material that’s just plain awful. Seriously, the singing bit he did almost made me change the channel. He must be having some kind of fire sale on his appearance fee. Either that or Sinbad is writing his material now.

Norm Macdonald
Early reactions on Norm’s set are split right down the middle. He obviously went out there to bomb ironically (not atomically, like the Wu Tang Clan), but some people just weren’t feeling it. I’ve always liked his captain obvious bit where he explains lame jokes and makes them funny, but it apparently didn’t translate for everyone. Then again, some people think Dirty Work sucks, too. I like to call those people tasteless jerks.

Uncle Jessie
I’m not a big John Stamos fan, but he did a decent job hosting. He made it seem a little too Broadway for my taste, but watching him ge taken apart by some of the better comics was really funny, if only because you could tell he was crying behind his big fake laughs. A guy can only take so many jokes about his super model wife leaving him and his huge mullet before he dies a little on the inside.

Lisa Lampanelli
Even though there were pretty hilarious jokes explaining her abscence, I think these roasts are better off without her doing a set. At first I thought she was really funny, but her whole, "I love screwing black guys" bit got tired a long time ago. Maybe she needs a new angle. How about screwing some Mexican guys? That might be funny.

Bob Saget
It’s not until they spread it out in front of you that you realize just how ridiculous of a career this guy has really had. His body of work has tons of crap in it, but it has earned him truckloads of money. Normally, that would offend me as an artist, but then I remember that I don’t give a crap about art and I’m just jealous that I don’t have 100 million dollars. Lucky bastard.

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