Season 12, Episode 9 "Breast Cancer Show Ever" Cartman's disrespectful display during Wendy's presentation about breast cancer leads to them having a good old fashioned fight on the playground.

Cartman busts hard on Wendy when she's trying to be socially aware, and as a result, she wants to kick his ass. Cartman starts off confident, but when he realizes that he'll look like a total pussy if he gets beat up like a girl, he starts trying to find a way to get out of it. After reasoning with her and Stan and eating his own underwear, he still can't get her to back down so he gets detention by crapping on the teacher's desk. The fight gets moved back to the next day, so Cartman rats him out to his mom and cries like a little girl.

Of course, Cartman goes too far and keeps rubbing it in, but the principal gives Wendy the go-ahead to kick his ass since she was a cancer survivor herself. Eric and Wendy slug it out in a very Guy Richie-like fight sequence during which Cartman gets his ass beaten, badly. He worries that everyone will think he's a total "fag" now, but when everyone tells him that they already hated him, he takes it as them trying to make him feel better. He's still a douche.

It's good to see that Cartman is just as evil and annoying as he has ever been. I like the fact that they have actually brought the story lines down to earth a little bit. It's fun to go way out there sometimes, but I like the more realistic stuff, too. Except for the crapping on the desk, this episode could've been a live-action show and it wouldn't have been too weird. I'm glad Wendy got some more time on-screen, too. There are a lot of funny characters that they can start to work in now that we know the main characters so well.

While it wasn't the most hilarious episode I've seen, it was just a nic break from all the celebrity stuff. I'm sure next week we'll be back to calling John Travolta and Tom Cruise "homos."

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