Season 12, Episode 8 "The China Problem". The guys had a long summer vacation and they have clearly saved up some of their frustrations to fuel the fall premiere. Eric and Butters take on our former Olympic hosts, the Chinese, while Kyle, Stan and Kenny try to nail George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg for "raping" Indiana Jones. Yes.

Cartman and Butters:
After being a little too impressed with the Olympic opening ceremony, Eric gets paranoid that the Chinese are going to take over America like in some kind of Tom Clancy book. In order to infiltrate their ranks, he and Butters dress up like Chinese stereotypes and head over to PF Chang's. It quickly escalates into a hostage situation and Butters ends up shooting a bunch of people in the dick. Eventually, he loses interest and they give up, which is something I can admire.

Stan, Kyle and Kenny
After seeing the latest Indiana Jones movie, the boys feel like they just watched their good friend get raped. The rape is depicted using other famous scenes of movie surprise sex, including Thelma and Louise and Deliverance. Eventually, they convince the cops that what George and Stephen did was wrong and they arrest their asses, making everyone who spent two hours of their Memorial Day weekend watching that thing just a little bit better.

The China gag didn't feel like the freshest thing, especially when you consider how quickly they usually turn out episodes, but it still had its moments. Indy on the other hand, hits DVD soon so we can all be reminded of how ridiculous that thing is and how little respect some film makers have for the things we hold dear from our childhoods. Overall, it's just South Park being South Park. That's always a good thing.