Recap: Sons of Anarchy: Episode 1.01

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With The Shield about ready to start spending its pension checks, FX needed something to step in and provide us with our fix of violence and bad language. Judging by the first episode, it seems like Sons of Anarchy should fill that spot nicely.

What happens:
The episode starts off with a rival bike gang cleaning out the Sons’ warehouse full of weapons. The rest of the show centers mostly around some good, old-fashioned biker vigilante justice. There’s also a family trouble storyline that surrounds the founder’s son, which sounds a lot more boring than it is.

I really think Jax has the potential to be an awesome character. I was worried that his family crap was going to drag the show down, but then his mom, played by the still hot (yeah, I said it) Katey Sagal, gave his bitchy baby mama enough drugs to OD. That is some serious family problem solving. I’m glad his baby survived, though. I’m a softy when it comes to babies dying on TV. I also respect the hell out of him for going and beating the shit out of the guy who sold his pregnant girl the drugs. It was like watching Henry Hill pistol whip that preppy guy in his driveway in Goodfellas.

I’m still amazed by Ron Perlman’s face every time I see it. He has the aging biker act nailed perfectly. He clearly has some of the old-school mentality and isn’t afraid to shoot a bunch of his rivals even though he knows it pretty much started an all-out gang war. If nothing else, he makes all those fat, middle-aged bankers who fancy themselves weekend motorcylce warriors seem even lamer than they are. If your motorcycle looks like a recliner with wheels, you’re not a real bad ass.

The rest of the crew:
It’s not exactly he cast of Ocean’s 11, but I think this cast can really work together given the chance. I really like Tommy Flanagan as Chib. He plays "crazy bastard" perfectly.

So, is it worth keeping on the DVR?
After just one episode, I’m convinced that Sons of Anarchy is a keeper. The first half of the premiere isn’t exactly spectacular, but then again, that’s how pilots are supposed to be. With the promise of an all-out war looming at the end, it would be silly not to watch. I hope it doesn’t get me all fired up about riding a motorcycle, though. I don’t think my old lady would be too fond of that. Maybe I’ll start running guns instead.

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