Comedy Central’s history with gameshows is a little spotty—Win Ben Stein’s Money anyone? But after watching the premiere on Reality Bites Back, I’m convinced that this one is a total winner.

The contestants:
While there are some faces that you’ll recognize, like Donnell from Chappelle’s Show and Theo Von from Road Rules (it’s OK, we all know you watched it). But the rest of the cast are relatively low-profile. That doesn’t mean they aren’t funny as hell, though. Watching the cast make fun of one another for three minutes was better than any introduction scene in the history of reality TV.

Click here for Comedy Central's official "meet the contestants" page.

The game:
The inaugural episode features a game called “Extreme Manipulation: House Edition,” which is a shot at the show that only British people like, Big Brother. The objective is to woo someone they can’t see with sex-talk on a nightvision camera. The twist is that the person they’re talking dirty to, turns out to be one of their parents. They say some truly raunchy stuff, including “I want to kiss you between your legs.” Their reactions are even more hilarious than their pick-up lines. It’s enough to give you douche chills…but in a good way.

After the pillow-talk is over, the comics and their parents play a game that’s similar to The Newlywed Game, which Theo Von eventually wins. He’s assigned the task of picking two people to put on the chopping block, based on absolutely nothing. Just like it should be.

In the end it was stand-up comic Kyle Cease that was sent packing, which is good because he was up against Donnell who is definitely one of the funniest parts of the show.

The problem with most reality shows is that the contestants are usually about as interesting as high school summer reading assignment. Comedy Central fixed that by getting 10 genuinel funny people and actually coughing up a 50 grand prize to make it a real game. There are some moments that made me laugh out loud—LOL even. Plus, Michael Ian Black may be the best host of any show ever.