Recap: Mythbusters: Episode 7.03

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Episode: "Viral Videos." Everyone made a big deal about it when they tested the Diet Coke and Mentos myth, so I guess it only makes sense that they would devote a whole episode to wacky internet videos. I’ve posted the original clips of the videos they tested below, just in case you’re a total n00b.

The car lifted by firehoses:

Firemen Lift Car with Hoses – Watch more free videos
While I have seen this video before, it doesn’t really impress me all that much. I guess it never really made sense to fake something like that. Those firehoses are powerful. Anyone who has ever been in a riot can tell you that. Result: It took them a long time but they finally got the car off the ground. It wasn’t all that impressive.

Fainting goats:

fainting goats – Watch more free videos
This one was also kind of lackluster for me, since I’ve actually seen goats faint before. There’s really not much to do in upstate New York other than making goats faint. This one was more interesting to watch, though, thanks to Kari’s hotness. She can scare my goat whenever (and by that I mean have sex with me.) Result: Also true.

Sawdust cannon

This was easily the most interesting segment on the show, mainly because it involved blowing shit up. It turns out that sawdust is really flammable and non-dairy creamer is eve more flammable. That means it’s really good for you, right? Result: Totally confirmed.

Invisible water

Mythbusters – Floating On Invisible Water – Watch more free videos
If you had shown me this back in grade school, I probably would’ve shit my pants, but now it seems kind of dull. Watching Adam make his voice low with the gas did make me laugh pretty hard, though. That’s how complex my sense of humor is. "That guy has a funny voice! Hilarious!" Verdict: confirmed.

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