Recap: Mythbusters: Episode 7.02 NASA Moon Landing

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Episode: "Nasa Moon Landing." I try to get into fist fights with conspiracy theorists as often as possible. They’re usually fat guys or 15 year olds with studded leather jackets so I win pretty easily. But, the Mytbusters are taking a more tactful approach, opting to prove the cellar dwellers wrong with nerdy scientific experiments.

The photos:
There are plenty of conspiracy theories about the still photo taken on the moon and most of them are pretty boring. First Jamie and Adam proved that the astronaut could, in fact, be properly exposed even if he was standing in the shadow of the lander. It seems like that one shouldn’t even be an issue. If I ever go to the moon to take pictures, I’ll probably consider bringing a bucking flash. The other photo myth they tested was the lining up of the shadows. It was boring; they busted it.

The videos:
The video tests got a little more interesting. First they had Adam jump around like a jackass in the spacesuit he brought from home (sigh) trying to recreate the look of the footage from the moon. The theory being tested was that they simply slowed down the footage to make it look like the astronauts were prancing around on the moon. Ultimately, it was painfully obvious that none of the faking techniques were even close.

The footprint:
The lesse Mythbusters headed off to NASA HQ to play with some enormous vacuum chambers. First they tested the myth that, since there is no moisture on the moon, they wouldn’t be able to leave a footprint, which is completely idiotic. Of course, it worked. They explained that it has something to do with the shape of the sand particles on the moon. Honestly, by that point I had started thinking about videos of cats moshing.

The waving flag:
According to some whack job, the flag blows in the breeze in the moon landing video, when in reality it’s just waving around because the astronaut is moving it. We already knew it and they confirmed it by testing it in a vacuum.

The laser test:
In case there was any doubt left over that we didn’t go up to the moon, we left some shit there we can shoot lasers at and see. They did just that by going to an observatory and pointing an enormous laser. The result was pretty much just the guys looking at a graph, which was boring, but it does feel good to have these conspiracy jerks have to eat their oh-so-stupid words.

I think it’s fair to say that this was one of the nerdiest episodes yet. It was still pretty amusing, but I still prefer the ones where they blow stuff up. This is America, dammit.

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