Recap: Mythbusters: Episode 7.01

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Episode: "Exploding Steak"

Have you ever wondered if you can tenderize a steak by submerging it in a bucket of water, then exploding the bucket? Yeah, me neither. But apparently some of the weirdo Mythbusters fans have and Jamie and Adam jumped at the chance to blow up meat. Or, they’ve just started making stuff up. The lesse Mythbusters set out to determine whether driving while mad led to less gas mileage. How topical of them.

What’s with the annoying voices?
There are a lot of parts of this show I really like, but one thing that’s starting to annoy the hell out of me is Adam’s need to do silly voices and characters all the time. He started off this episode doing an annoying French chef accent that made me wish they would shoot him out of a steam cannon. I understand that he has to be wacky to make Jamie seem even more prudish, but a lot of the time I wish they would just shut up and build a rocket or pack something full of dry ice.

The meat experiment:
I prefer the experiments that might somehow come up in my every day life, but there is something undenyingly satisfying about watching meat explode, and boy was there plenty of that. They blow up enough steaks to feed Jim Belushi for almost a week. Once they were done with the explosives, they broke out the steam cannon and shot shot the meat at a steel plate, after which they used a machine to determine the tenderness of the meat. In the end, the stuff from the cannon won the tenderness contest, even though the taste test showed that no one could tell the difference anyway. So, the result is basically that you should just eat steak and shut up about it.

The driving experiment:
I’ve been known to drive like a total dick, so this one actually interested me a little more. The crew got access to an abandoned military town, which was creepy as hell, and set up a course the included a few obstacles like a careless pedestrian and a really slow driver. Then they did a couple runs. One run was preceeded by a bunch of relaxation techniques and one by some light torture. In the end it turned out that driving mad did, actually, lead to worse mileage, probably because you’re more likely to jam on the pedals when you’re pissed. I guess that means listening to old Metallica records probably leads to bad mileage, too.

Oh, Kari:
Kari seriously gets hotter with every passing season. I know she wouldn’t be into me since my knowledge of science stops with my ability to work a standard microwave, but she’s still incredibly hot. I wonder if she looks hotter because they always put her next to all those dorks. Maybe that’s a myth they can test. They won’t, though.

Next week:
They’re doing a collection of myths from viral internet videos. I guess that Diet Coke and Mentos thing paid off. Hopefully they try to find out just how dramatic that chipmunk really is.

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