Recap: Man Vs. Wild: Episode 5.02

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Episode: "The Deep South." The south is a dangerous enough place, what with all of the cholesterol-laden foods and NASCARs whipping around all over the place, but Bear dropped himself in the middle of what he calls "Katrina Country" to bite the heads off of some snakes and piss off some alligators.

The terrain:
I’m always impressed by Bear’s arrivals. This time he jumped out of a speeding plane as it glided across the surface of some filthy water. With the speed they were going, that had to hurt like hell. Plus, as soon as he was in the water he had to start watching out for huge gators that were ready to bite his legs right out of his durable, but stylish pants.

In terms of this show, the food consumed this week wasn’t really that gross. He did bith the head off of a live snake and then eat the body without cooking it, but he also cooked and ate a gator tail and a huge fish, both of which I have paid good money for at a restaurant. Of course, I didn’t cook it over a fire I made in the middle of a pool full of diseased water, but it was close.

Valuable lesson learned:
Making a raft is harder than it looks, especially when you’re doing it with soaked wood. I was impressed when he was pounding in those rusty nails with a log and the flat side of his knife. That probably wouldn’t have occurred to me. Well, I probably would’ve been eaten about two minutes after being dropped off, but that’s not really the point.

The depressing part:
Watching him cut the spine of a gator was kind of a bummer, but seeing all of the Katrina debrit was worse. I wouldn’t want my house to get washed away just so some Brit can come make a raft out of it. At one point the camera man did fall down into the water, though, which really lightened the mood.

Like with Mythbusters, this week wasn’t exactly spectacular. Next week is a show full of essential skills you need to survive, which really sounds like he got dropped off in the middle of a season without enough footage and he had to find some by cracking open the warm, stinky carcass of a clip show. Whatever, maybe one of the techniques will save me from dying a horrible death one day and I’ll regret making fun of it. Probably not, though.

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