Recap: Man Vs. Wild: Episode 5.01

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Episode: Mexico

Anthony Bourdain said that he thinks vegans are "rude," which leads me to believe that he would get along just fine with Bear Gryll who is willing to eat just about anything. For the season five premiere, he dropped himself in the middle of the Mexican desert where, apparently, they don’t have In ‘N Out.

I know some people hate on Bear because he gets help on his missions, but man, that guy still does some gnarly stuff. In this episode he beats a rattlesnake to death with a stick, cuts off the head, peels off the skin, eats the meat, pees into the skin and then drinks his own pee for hydration. That’s not exactly happy hour at Chili’s.

Bear builds a spring trap to catch a skunk and that’s pretty impressive to me. I watched him build it and I’m still not exactly sure how it works. I know it’s a basic survival technique, but the closest I’ve come to having to survive in the wild was that subway ride I took with a dead iPod battery. I could’ve used that technique to capture the obnoxious twelve year olds who kept yelling. Watching Bear eat the skunk was kind of gross, only because I’ve been sprayed by one before and know how burly that smell is.

Desert in the desert:
At one point, Bear decides he wants to swipe some delicious honey from a huge hive of bees. Of course, as you can probably tell from the picture above, it doesn’t go very well. He kind of looks like the blue guy from Hellboy.

Next week:
Next week, Bear trades in the desert for the swamp and takes on a bunch of gators. Personally, I’ll take the desert over the swamp any day. After seeing the leach scene in Stand By Me, I’m not excited about going into any filthy water.

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