Recap: Mad Men: Episode 2.02

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The Episode “Flight 1” starts off at a 60’s marijuana party where Peggy is doing some necking with a boy in sharp horn-rimmed glasses.  An American Airlines crash in NY makes Sterling Cooper have to pull some of their ads for Mohawk Airlines. 

Pete Campbell finds out his emotionally distant father was in the plane crash and asks Don’s advice on how to deal with his feelings, which strangely brings them closer together. There’s tension as the new executive suggests throwing away the Mohawk account on the off chance that a friend of his at American is willing to change their ad agency in hopes of quickly glossing their image after the crash. Don is not pleased, and has to eventually let go of Mohawk against his ethics. 

We find out that Peggy’s baby was taken away from her by the state because the doctors thought she was crazy. We also find out that the baby is in the care of Peggy’s sister, but that she doesn’t seem to want anything to do with it. Duck asks Pete to take charge on the American Airlines account, something he would have previously jumped on. Pete turns it down since his dad’s body is still warm (but in a lot of pieces).  In the end, he changes his mind and uses the fact that his father died in the crash to show the American executive the level of commitment Sterling Cooper would bring to the account.

Best Comeback

Don: “We have an Airline. What kind of company are we going to be?”

Roger: “The kind where everyone has a summer house?”

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