Recap: Mad Men: Episode 2.01

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The last season on Mad Men was one of the best thirteen episode streaks in modern TV history. It slowly doled out back-story on the main character, building steam that brought the show to a boil in the last moments. Combine that with the critical acclaim surrounding AMC’s golden child, and it’s no wonder that this was one of the most highly anticipated-premieres of this year.

Not a Whole Lot Happened. But that’s OK. 

When we left off, Don Draper seemed to be nearing a meltdown inspired by his hidden past colliding with his present—a present so filled with scotch, stress, infidelity, and lies that something would need to give.  As last season’s finale rolled to the credits, Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” played in the background. If the show is about anything, it is the transitional time when a country was moving from the golden years mentality of the 50’s into the harsh realities of the 60’s—the time of Kennedy, Vietnam, and a massive counterculture that despised the traditional values. In episode 2.01, these elements of change are everywhere. Sterling Cooper has a new Xerox Machine. Peggy shed some ass fat (ass fat that turned out to be Pete’s baby) Paul is sporting a beard. Don’s relationship with Betty seems to be on the mend. Salvatore is still a total homo. And the new executive, Duck, is cracking the whip right on Don’s Turf. There was not a lot of action in this episode, more of a meandering from one scene to the next to reestablish and update the characters that fascinated everyone in the previous season.  It ends on don sending a poem to an unnamed party, most likely one of Don’s side dishes.

Press Play on the DVR?

Stupid question. Yes, of course. Unless you didn’t watch all of season one, in which case I ruined some things for you with the above paragraph. Whatever, grab a glass of scotch (grab the whole bottle) and watch it on demand.   

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