Recap: Mad Men Ep 2.07

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How do you tell the world you’ve arrived in 1960? Pretty much the same way you tell the world you’ve arrived today: buy a Cadillac.

Don scores big with a new contract for Martinson Coffee by sending in Sterling Cooper’s new kids. Remember them: the not cool enough to be beatnik college kid and his Swedish special friend?

Coffee rules in Manhattan, and with Martinson comes an invitation for Don to sit on the board of a new museum, “Philanthropy: it’s the door to power” according to old man Cooper. So Don buys the Caddy then becomes that dad that bans Play-doh and checks for sticky fingers before every car ride. Gotta keep that $6,400 dollar upholstery looking tight.

Back at the office there’s a buzz about Cooper’s new art purchase, and Draper’s secretary Jane dares the boys to break in to Cooper’s office to see it. Whilst there, Ken’s sensitive side softens Salvatore’s closet doors and when Ken asks Sal to read his new story, Sal insists he come over for dinner so they can talk about his work.
Nothing gets past Joan, who takes a cold view of Jane’s shenanigans, and turns positively Arctic when Jane tries to challenge her authority, firing Jane on the spot.
Jimmy Barrett calls Betty at home to invite the Drapers to a party for his new TV show. It’s a glamorous Monday night affair (so the celebs can come) and Betty is soon banished to a corner so Don, Bobbie and the rest of the swinging dicks at ABC can talk their brand of business. Jimmy finds her and they keep each other company at the “kids table”, as Jimmy put it, where the conversation is anything but innocent. In fact it is brutal, so brutal that it puts a permanent stain on the new Caddy.

Watch this episode for Salvatore, and understand the real tragedy of The Golden Violin: “perfect in every way, except it can’t make music.”


For Jimmy Barrett’s master class in revenge? An absolute yes.


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