This year's crop of comics for LCS was easily one of the best, but America (and the show's producers) narrowed the field down to five for the hour-and-a-half long finale. I think they were all solid choices, but the actual final show itself could've used a little more, you know, comedy.

The opening:
In honor of the Olympics, which I am going to be trying my best to ignore completely, they started off with a huge musical number, complete with fake athletes running all over the stage. It was funny in the same way the opening to the Academy Awards is funny in that you don't really laugh, but you say, "Hey, that's kind of funny."

The performances:
It's hard for me to think of a time I felt worse for a comic on stage than I did for Jon Lovitz during his act. They gave him so much time and he was bombing right from the start. His material just felt so old. It didn't make any sense for a show about fresh new comedians to feature a guy who has been around forever doing jokes written before Richard Pryor discovered cocaine. But I still like Jon Lovitz, but mostly when he's a cartoon film critic.

The actual contest:
In the end, it came down to Iliza and Marcus, with Iliza taking home the proverbial crown. I'm fine with that. Personally, I think Jeff would've been a better choice in second place than Marcus, but the two were so close that I'm not going to get my boxer briefs up in a bunch about it.

Did you know?
Iliza is the first female winner. I know that because they went out of their way to say it about 30 thousand friggin' times.

The season overall:
I'll admit that I didn't catch every minute of the season, mostly because the show is such a big time commitment. I really like the comedy part, but the rest of the reality show filler stuff takes me out of it a little. I'll definitely be back watching again next season, though. Hell, maybe I'll even try out. All the guys around the office tell me I'm super funny. I have this one story, abotu how I was flying and the guy next to me was really fat....actually, I'll save that one for when I'm on the show.