Recap: Intervention: Episode 6.08

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Episode: "Allison." The most fun I have ever had with one of those compressed air keyboard dusters was back in college when we discovered that if you spray it while the can is upsidedown, you can freeze things. It will also burn the hell out of your skin. Because of that, I guess it never occured to me to inhale all the crap inside of the can. Allison did, though. It didn’t work out so well for her.

The addiction:
I didn’t know the stuff in those cans was addictive at all. I figured it was just compressed air like you use for paintball. Apparently there is a chemical in there, though. A chemical that represnets one of the most boot leg drug addictions I have ever heard of.

The addict:
I got into a rather heated argument the other day about whether or not I was a bad person for laughing a lot during intervention. Just because I feel bad for someone in a bad situation doesn’t mean it’s not funny when they trade their backpack to a hooker for a BJ in an alley. Can’t I still feel bad for a person and take pleasure in their wacky antics at the same time? I mean, this is a TV show. It’s supposed to be entertaining, right? That said, this chick’s antics went way beyond entertaining and right to the central square of annoying town. Every time she didn’t have that can glued to her lips she was saying something annoying or shrieking like some kind of she-beast. I don’t need that kind of rucus on a Monday night.

Her family:
Every time I start feeling all right about judging the subject, they always drop some kind of bomb on you to make you feel bad. In this case, it’s that she was molested and when she told her mother about it, she did nothing to remedy it. All right, now I feel a little bad…

Fun with office supplies:
After seeing her get all loopy on keyboard cleaner, I decided to see if it was possible to get messed up on other junk kicking around the old home office. I stopped that experiment after I had eaten about 30 Post-Its and wasn’t even feeling buzzed.

Did she get clean?
After he intervention and a lot of whining, she finally got help and has been clean for a couple months. She also dyed her hair blonde and cleaned her skin up. I guess we’ll eventually find out if rehab can cure annoying when they do her follow up.

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