Recap: I Want To Work For Diddy Episode 1.01

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The first episode on I Want to Work for Diddy does what every reality show does—it shows you incredible losers that are immediately cut lose.  From a production standpoint, this is great filler that you can really only do at the top of a show. And viewers love it because it helps cement our suspicion that the world is filled with people MUCH crazier than we are.

A Lot of Nothing Happened in 24 Hours

Episode one felt like the first day of school…Bad Boy Entertainment School! The contestants were broken into two separate groups and made to complete a list of tasks that spanned the better part of 24 hours. This included things like audition a clown for Diddy’s kids, dress mannequins at the Sean John store, clean Diddy’s car, Get Diddy organic applesauce, get Diddy breast milk from a Laotian immigrant, and generally run around like a tool. There were fireworks on both teams, but particularly between Georgette and Kim (aka “Poprah”). At the end of the episode, the majority of the people basically voted Kim as the biggest bitch. But in typical reality twist, Kim was given the power to take one person off the show. Georgette was her choice, which was unfortunate; she had the best rack

Is it Worth a Diddy?

If you like reality, then this is a good show. If you like to watch people make asses of themselves with the hope that it will lead to a famous person giving them a job, then you will also enjoy it.  All in all, I’m looking forward to the next episode. I like watching rich people be complete pieces of shit.

Ps, Farewell Georgette. Call me if you’re bummed.


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