Recap: “Heroes” Has Daddy Issues

Tuesday, October 14 by

Season 3, Episode 5 "Angles and Monsters" We’re back from last week’s trip to the future and everything is going to hell, fast. Plus, we finally get to meet Arthur Petrelli and his super eyebrows.

The good doctor seems to be having more trouble with his transformation as it is now causing him to kidnap people and stick them to the wall of his lab using some kind of horrendously disgusting goo. Maya stumbles onto his secret and ends up in her own disgusting cocoon. He could’ve at least left a little room so her boobs could show through.

She takes off on her mission to catch the bad guys, only to come up against a hero whose power is the ability to create black holes out of nowhere. She eventually agrees to help him find his family, but her dad and Sylar charge in and screw things up. He escapes, but his family no-shows. Noah tries to convince him to conjure up a black hole to swallow up Sylar, but he jumps into his own vortex because he doesn’t want to kill again.

Peter is still having a hard time getting used to his new Sylar powers and he almost slices open his mother’s brain to find her secrets. Sylar saves her and they finally get peter under control and in Level 5.

Nathan and Tracy:
She fills Nathan in on the fact that her ability was given to her in a lab. When they confront ma Patrelli about it, we find out that Nathan’s was, too. They tell her to screw off and leave.

She, like Nathan, is having visions of Linderman who is telling her to gather up people with abilities and create an army. She’s still hot.

Hiro and Ando:
They dig up Adam only to find that he knows all about the formula. They want him to help them find it, but he gives them thes slip, only go be captured by Daphne. Hiro and Ando try to convince Daphne and her fear-smelling buddy that they’re bad asses and Hiro ends up stabbing his best friend right in the chest. It was definitely the biggest development of the night, but there’s no way Ando will stay dead.

The puppeteer:
Claire’s bio mom goes to visit someone she calls a "horrible man" and ends up under his control. Turns out his super power is being able to use people like puppets, which is kind of cool, even if the whole creepy puppet angle is pretty played out.

Ma Patrelli:
She has one of her visions of the future where Nathan, Tracy and Peter are all dead thanks to her husband who has been controlling everything all along while he lays in bed on life-support. He was forcing Parkman’s dad to give Nathan and Daphne the visions of Linderman.

After last week’s throw-away, I feel like this week was back to what made the show great in the first place. There were an incredible amount of twists and turns that made me watch it a second time. I don’t believe Ando is going to stay dead, though. No one ever stays dead on this show and it’s getting a little annoying. But, I actually think the whole thing feels a little more rewarding now that we have some idea of what they’re up against. I just hope somebody kills Suresh soon. He just seems to get grosser every week.

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