Season 3, Episode 4: "I Am Become Death." This week we're taking another trip four years into the future, when—wait for it—the world is going to end! Who would've thought?

Scar face Peter takes normal Peter four years into the future and shows him a world where everyone has powers and tells him that it's eventually going to make the planet split in half. As they're walking around, they're ambushed by a new and improved Claire who caps future Peter to death. Normal Peter escapes and goes to find Sylar, only to discover that he has gone straight and doesn't cut off people's skullcaps anymore because he has a kid. Peter makes Sylar give up his power, thinking it will help him save the world, but he finds out that it comes with a "hunger" for more powers. After the acquisition, Claire and her buddies from the company show up for a fight in which Sylar's little boy gets killed. That makes him explode like an atom bomb. Claire takes Peter captive and tries to torture him, but his brother, who is now the president, shows up for a visit. Peter almost kills Nathan to steal his power, but breaks free and teleports.

We find out that Tracy was one of three identical triplets who were used as part of an experiment. They were all injected with something to give them powers. She quits her job with Nathan and tries to kill herself, but he saves her by flying and they end up getting it on.

Somehow, Parkman sees a future where he and Daphne are together with a baby. The African spirit guide shows it to him and he sees that Daphne gets killed when Sylar goes atomic. He sets off following a turtle trying to stop it.

Hiro and Ando:
They spend the whole episode arguing and trying to get out of the cell, only to get caught and told that they have to try and recover the part of the formula that he lost. The secret apparently lies with the guy h buried in the graveyard. They dig him up and he, predictably, wants to kill them.

He's still turning into some kind of lizard and he can't reverse the effects. The serum is also making him really mean. He snaps at everyone and even beats the hell out of some guy who commits some domestic violence. I know his story is important, but it's getting kind of gross and really boring.

While it seems like a lot of stuff happened in this episode, it really didn't. All we got was another hypothetical future that's just going to be stopped. It's getting a little formulaic. We didn't really get much new information and that's a little frustrating. Characters were killed, but it's not going to matter because once we're back from the future, they're just going to be alive again. That's kind of lame. I'm going to keep watching, to see how things turn out, but I easily thought this was the weakest episode in the season so far.