Recap: Generation Kill: Episode 1.05

Monday, August 11 by

Episode: “A Burning Dog”

A few years ago, I tried out a pair of night vision goggles. The visibility is terrible and after about five minutes I was so nauseous I almost had to puke into my backpack. I can’t imagine what it’s like driving across the Iraqi desert, trying not to turn off of a cliff while people are shooting RPGs at me. It’s action like that that makes this the best episode of the series so far.

Whiskey Tango:
I can’t believe how far we’ve gotten without any substantial casualties on the American side. We’ve seen a ridiculous amount of collateral damage so far, but the worst we’ve seen for any of the main players is a bullet to the foot. It’s definitely coming, though. I’m actually kind of glad that they’ve waited since I think it will have more impact now. After episode one, I couldn’t care less about these guys, but now I feel like we’ve gone through some shit together. Of course, none of us have actually done anything dangerous of any kind, but that’s beside the point.

I am getting pretty sick of almost every squad leader by now, though. Between the Godfather turning into a total dick and everyone else yelling like frightened zoo animals, it’s hard to have any faith in their abilities. It makes me very glad that those guys aren’t ordering me into towns full of people who want to turn me into a corpse.

School’s out:
Watching them blow up that school was particularly depressing for me. Seeing all of those drawings and stuff on the wall made me feel very bad inside, like when you’re having sex and you realize that your dog is staring at you.

The bridge:
The troops have been in plenty of situations I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near, but seeing them get stuck on that bridge, taking fire from every side, was just plain messed up. When I hear about the goverment spending billions of dollars on the war, it seems like the troops should be flying around on jetpacks, shooting plasma rifles at the bad guys. To know that they’re driving around beat up Hummers, shooting guns that jam up half the time is a huge bummer. And did Encino Man really have to do that stupid dance after he got the Hummer’s wheel unstuck? He looked like some kind of creepy male cheerleader.

Next week:
They’re getting much closer to Baghdad now and I’m excited to see how things play out. Maybe they’ll get there and then some little child will look into a snowglobe and we’ll realize that the whole thing was just some imaginary tale that never happened. Or maybe the troops will make it to their target, serve their duty and get sent home, only to be recalled back into the shit a few months later because the whole situation is a total mess. I’m hoping for the snowglobe thing.

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