Recap: Generation Kill: Episode 1.04

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Episode: "Combat Jack"

I haven’t seen James Ransone (Cpl. Josh Ray Person, or the skinny guy who talks a lot and drives the Hummer) in a lot of things, but now that this episode is over I’ve seen him jerk off twice. In this episode you get little more than his "O" face, but it sent me flashing back to the bootleg copy of Ken Park my friend had, in which he rubs one out while choking himself then stabs his grandparents to death. The whole thing is very graphic and is probably more disturbing than anything I’ve seen on Generation Kill so far. That’s kind of messed up when you think about it, since the war stuff is actually going on in real life.

Regardless of my own sexual hang-ups, it seems like this show is still on the upswing. The soldiers are actually being forced to make desicions and fire their weapons. Unfortunately it seems like every time they do either, they screw it up. They accidentally shoot a little girl in the head, drop millions of dollars worth of bombs on absolutely nothing and launch a full-scale investigation into the only guy in the platoon that seems to have any common sense. It makes you realize that the guys in the military are just guys and will mess stuff up just like the guys in your office. Only when they mess up people get their guts exploded out. Come to think of it, there are times when I wish it was like that around my office.

But, as usual, things aren’t all good in Iraq. The entrance of a chaplan starts up a whole dialog about religion. It’s an interesting little part of the show, but subject matter like that has a tendency to overshadow everything else that’s happening. I know it’s important, I just don’t want to hear about it. In fact, I prefer the sing-alongs to that. This week they did "Teenage Dirtbag," by Wheatus, which is still a kick ass song in my opinion.

One of the cooler aspects is that the characters seem to finally starting to go a little crazy because of the conditions. I get grumpy if my turkey sandwich takes longer than 20 minutes to get here and these guys are out in the desert, hot, hungry and getting rockets shot at them. It makes me a little glad I chose a life as a professional art wuss

Next week:
We’re past the halfway point for the show now and I’m starting to worry that the ending might be a little unsatisfying. I’m pretty excited to find out if we win the war or not.

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