Recap: Generation Kill: Episode 1.03

Monday, July 28 by

For the first two episodes I’ve been complaining that the bad decisions of the high-ranking officers have kept the brigade out of the action, but it’s the opposite this week. Everyone’s jones for shooting at hostiles has led our boys into all kinds of dangerous situations that are actually pretty intense.

It feels like we’ve finally gotten through the majority of the bullshit. There’s still some unecessary crap that I wish could be cut out, like the annoying sing alongs or the incessant arguing over the wooden crappers. But now the majority of each episode is spent telling an intersting story. I’m starting to hate the characters less, too. Ray Person (James Ransone), Nathan Frick (Stark Sands) and Iceman (Alexander Skarsgård) are all interesting enough that I would be bummed if they were to get killed now.

There are still plenty of characters to hate, though. At first, Sgt. Maj. John Sixta’s incomprehensible babbling about the dress code was kind of funny, but it has gotten down right annoying. Every time he comes on screen I want to cram an MRE Poptart in his face. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s always bitching about nonsense or because he reminds me of how messed up the situation in Iraq actually is. It’s probably a little bit of both and my guess is that’s exactly what the writers were hoping for.

So, should it stay on the DVR?
As far as I’m concerned, Generation Kill has gotten good enough to warrant me watching the rest of the series. There are really only four more to go and unless they spend the next two polishing their boots and singing Justin Timberlake songs, I can’t see how they could screw it up.

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