Recap: Fringe Goes to the Birds

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Season 1, Episode 5 "Power Hungry" This time our rag-tag group of investigators goes after a guy who generates incredible amounts of electricity when he gets flustered. Wait, is this Heroes? No, Fringe, that’s right.
When a delivery driver gets rejected by a girl he has a crush on, he accidentally uses his ability to generate huge amounts of elctricity and sends an elevator full of people plummeting to their deaths. He survives and our heroes are left to sort it out. Walter believes the case might have something to do with a project that was used to amplify the body’s natural electromagnetic signature to make it possible to track them using pidgeons. Everyone thinks he’s crazy, but, of course, he’s right so they track him down. They find out that there was a doctor, tricking patients into becoming test subjects by promising to make them more confident, skinnier or have more hair. They bust his ass and find the rest of his patients about whom we will probably learn more about later.

John makes a couple of appearances to Olivia during the episode, giving her cryptic clues about cases. Eventually, he leads her to a warehouse where he had been compiling files about his private investigations. Apparently he was more of a weirdo than we had previously thought. In with the files, they also find an engagement ring that was meant for Olivia. It’s touching and weird all at the same time.

I think this episode is a winner. The whole bird scenario wasn’t exactly on par with the excitement of a werewolf or something like that, but I’m glad it didn’t get dragged down into a lot of boring dialogue. I’m excited to learn more about Massive Dynamics, though, so I hope they get back to that soon. I’m starting to worry a little that they’re going to take Walter’s craziness too far over the top. It’s cool that he’s weird, but I don’t want to watch the nutty professor out solving crimes.

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