Recap: Eureka: Episode 3.01

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Eureka is a kind of nerdy, guilty pleasure for me so I’m glad that is has caught on enough to make it into its third season. After seeing this season’s premiere, I feel pleasured, but I still definitely feel guilty.


Episode: "Bad to the Drone"

Nerdiest. Episode. Title. Ever.
Yeah, it’s clever because most of the show is about Sheriff Carter hunting down a runaway unmanned aircraft (otherwise known as a drone), but that doesn’t mean the guy who wrote it shouldn’t get an epic wedgie. Seriously, the special effects are pretty good and there are even a few funny jokes, but I think I’d rather have my friends catch me watching something chock full of she-males than this show.

New character:
You would think a new character on a sci-fi show like this one would have some kind of super power or at least a big laser or something like that. But the new addition to Eureka seems to be a boring old woman. Unless they’re setting her up to be some kind of crazy alien in disguise or a cyborg from the future sent back to warn the planet of its destruction or lac the town residents up with a shotgun, I’m not all too impressed.

Should it stay on the DVR?
Since I wasn’t blown away by the season premiere, and the avalanche of awesome crap that’s coming in September will conflict with the end of the season, I’m not sure I want to get too invested into watching it. If the next episode doesn’t have a little more firepower, I think I’m going to wait until it’s out on DVD and use it to kill time during next year’s summer slump.

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