Recap: Season 5, episode 6 "ReDOMption" After last week's trip (get it?) to the desert, the guys are back in civilization. Vince's career rests on Ari's golf game and Dom is back and, shockingly, in trouble with the law.

Ari is playing golf with Alan Gray with the intention of hustling Vince a part in Smokejumpers. Unfortunately for him, Alan has been training with Phil Mickelson and beats Ari's ass. Even worse is the fact that they bring Bob Ryan along, otherwise known as the old man who's always saying "Is that something you might be interested in?" Ari loses the bet to get Vince in the movie, but Alan gets so fired up about the whole situation that he has a heart attack and dies. It reminded me of why I make sure only to work two hours a day. No stress.

Vince and E....and Dom:
Vince is busy sitting around the house these days, but shit gets a lot more exciting when he gets a call from Dom who is currently in the midst of a high speed chase. Eventually, he surrenders and ends up in the joint. Vince and E go to visit him and he swears that he has gone straight, with an "Oriental" wife and a baby and everything. They pay his $100k bail and then have to bring him to a meeting E has with one of his other two clients, Bow Wow. E can't stop thinking that Dom is going to escape, but when they finally make it to his house, they see that he was telling the truth. After Dom comes clean to his wife, she leaves him and he heads back to jail for a long while.

Drama and Turtle:
Turtle needs money so Drama agrees to take him on as his assistant. Predictably, Johnny is a total dick and requires all kinds of fruity crap at all times. He even gets mad when Turtle sets him up with a hot extra in his trailer. Eventually, Drama comes around, but Turtle is pissed for having to do all of his running around and makes him walk his ass home. The whole situation is very silly. Even if I was rich, I don't think I would want a little man-servant following me around.

Like it has been for the past couple of episodes, this one was entertaining but really didn't do anything to push any of the plots forward. Vince is still pretty much Jobless, even though he agreed to do the pilot for Bow Wow's new TV show. I thought we were going to get a definite yes or no about Firejumpers, but now that Alan is dead, who knows what's going to happen. There are still quite a few episodes left, so as long as they keep up the funny stuff, I don't mind the snail's pace. But seriously, the next time Bob Ryan comes on my TV, I'm changing the channel. That guy is annoying as all hell.