Recap: Entourage Gives Ari His Shot

Monday, October 20 by

Season 5, episode 7 "Gotta Look Up to Get Down." Vince is still screwing himself (and Turtle over) by being Mr. Nice Guy while Ari gets the chance of a lifetime for killing a guy. That sounds about right.

His pretty blue eyes land him a million dollar gig doing a Dolce & Gabbana photo shoot with a beautiful woman named Natasha. When he meets his co-star, they have a little spark and the guy running the show doesn’t like it so he fires her but tells Vince that she quit. Once he finds out the truth, he goes on a mission to get her back on board. We’re not quite sure whether it’s because he’s a professional or because he wants to nail her. Well, I’m pretty sure, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Eventually, he finds out that the fashion guru didn’t want to bang the model, but rather give Vince oral, at which point he gives up the job and hunts down his new super model friend.

An Amazonian model keeps putting the moves on little E. He thinks she wants him, but he eventually finds out that she’s a shitty actress and just wants representation.

Turtle and Drama:
They try to get laid and don’t. No surprises there.

At Alan Gray’s funeral, John Ellis, the owner of the company, offers Ari a position as the head of the Studio and invites him to Geneva on a private jet. He also gives him kick-ass watch. After an incredibly crappy day at the office, Ari decides to go along. He sees Vince at the airport and tells him about the office. Vince seems bummed, which is kind of a dick move.

As Vince takes off with his private jet full of models, he sees Ari out the window and shuts the shade. It’s a little sad, until you realize that use surrounded by amazingly hot models and he still doesn’t really have a job.

Things are getting interesting again. I’m actually so interested in Ari’s life and so disinterested in Vince, that I kind of wish they would give Ari his own show and just ditch the rest of the guys. Next episode, maybe they can all get jobs at Starbucks and we can watch Ari yell at people from a limo window. I guess it’s true that rich people really are a lot more interesting than poor people. I hope Lloyd makes it through all of this OK. He’s fragile.

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