Recap: Entourage: Episode 5.01

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Last time was saw the guys, Medellin had just bombed at the Cannes and sold for the bargain price of one dollar. Now it’s time to find out if E and Vince can bounce back from such an epic failure. But first, let’s watch Ari yell and hot girls get topless.

The show starts off with a review of Medellin done by Richard Roeper and that other guy who isn’t Roger Ebert. We find out that the flick was released straight to DVD and nobody likes Vince anymore. Of course, that makes Ari totally furious, which is really the best way for him to be when it comes to entertainment factor. Of course Vince doesn’t seem to care because he’s hanging out on the beach in Mexico, banging a different chick every hour and riding around on jet skis. What impressed me is that he could still get it up even with Turtle walking around shirtless.

Ari gets an offer from a director for Vince to be in a movie called Danger Beach, but only if Vince can get back for a meeting the next day. Of course, he doesn’t want to leave the sex and sand of the Mexican beach, so Ari and E have to fly down there and get him. When they finally bring him back, it turns out the meeting was just a trick to try and get Emile Hirsch to sign on cheaper. Once again, Ari is pissed, Vince is unemployed and Eric is an idiot.

Drama’s storyline is getting sillier by the minute. He’s dating that French chick using his webcam and freaks out when a photographer wants to take his pictire from the right side. I guess he likes the huge bag under his left eye better.

Bow Wow
Eric has picked up another client played by Bow Wow. This episode does nothing but introduce him, but his part will definitely get bigger. Let’s just hope it’s not completely pointless like his stint with Anna Faris. Let’s also hope that E eventually stops being such a whiney pussy.

As far as premieres go, I was a little disappointed. There were no big developments and there’s no real cliffhanger at the end. It’s just Vince vowing to make a comeback. I guess it will be interesting to see if he can pull if off, but because there’s no mystery right now, it’s not all that compelling to come back next week. I will watch next week though, if only because watching this is the closest I’ll ever come to actually being rich.

Side note: Have you ever noticed how many executive producers this show has? There’s more EPs than there are actors. I’m not even sure what that title even means. It seems like it means someone who has a lot of money and wanted their name at the front of the show. Maybe one day, I too can have a fancy title that means absolutely nothing. In fact, I’m now declaring myself Chancellor of Sweet.

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