Recap: Buzzin’ Episode 1.01

Thursday, July 24 by

Shwaze has a court date from getting busted for allegedly making fake id’s.  He doesn’t tell his manager about it until the last minute. 

Its on a Monday, but they have a string of shows to do on Super Bowl weekend in Phoenix up to Sunday night . The Sunday gig is particularly important because the label is trying to land a deal with Pontiac to use them in an ad campaign, and the reps have flow in to work on the details. They party, do a show with snoop, and end up having to drive back to LA before sitting down with the reps from Pontiac in order to make Shwaze’s court date. In the end Shwaze gets yelled at by the CEO of the label and has to do some community service.

Was I…Buzzin’ Afterwards?

One of the really weird things is that there are commercials for Pontiac at ever break, including one featuring Cisco and Schwaze.  So clearly the deal went through. And Really? Pontiac commercials? This doesn’t make sense.  People that watch this show cant be older than 13. And 13 year olds can’t drive. And who buys a Pontiac anyway? My Grandmother, that’s who. She got out of the rap game YEARS ago. 

MTV has the whole episode online.

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