Recap: Buzzin’ Ep 1.03

Thursday, August 7 by

As usual, Cisco and Shwayze are late for their appointment—a photo shoot on the beach. Jordan has a heart to heart with Warren about the weekend shows in San Diego.

The boys head south and have a meeting with the show promoter, where Schwayze, for som unknown reason, is given an envelope with the “show money.” They immediately start drinking (a lot) with a flock of hot girls, and the money is somehow lost. Warren sends the boys to the venue to do a radio interview while he backtracks to find the lost envelope.  Jordan shows up at the hotel to find Warren in his robe, surrounded by three ladies in their towels, still looking for the money.  Cisco and Shwayze have a meeting with the venue manager and are told not to get naked, throw bottles, or curse. The promoter shows up with the envelope, and they decide to let Warren keep sweating it out, combing the beach. Warren heads to another venue to talk with the owner about booking the guys later that night with the hopes of making back the money he still thinks is lost. Back at the show, Cisco and Schwaze immediately take off their shirts and start cursing, pissing off the venue manager, who yells at Jordan. Warren should have been the one getting reamed, but he’s still trying to book a show. He books the show but doesn’t want Jordan to know he’s lining up gigs behind his back. The boys head over to the Venue, and Jordan shows up, ready to tear into Warren. Warren explains what happens, Cisco shows Warren the envelope, and Jordan ends up being happy that he managed to book a show and earn more money.

Should I Watch This?

There are worse things non television. There are also better. But after three episodes I am at the point where I look forward to watching this show. I’m not proud. Not even a little bit.

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